Vlog: What’s your favorite iPhone app?

I had to cut about four minutes off this video because stupid YouTube is all Nazi and demands that videos be under ten minutes. I was really serious in the video when I said that I could blather on about this stuff forever.

For some reason Viddler is crapping out for all the computers in the house even though it works for everybody else. I’m pretty sure it’s just a problem with our ISP since I’ve run across a few other sites with issues. Hopefully I can get that issue resolved sometime soon because I like it better than YouTube.

ANYWAY! Here ya go! Watch, listen, learn.

8 thoughts on “Vlog: What’s your favorite iPhone app?

  1. Awesome! Yes! I will be getting CameraBag!

    …in fact, I just bought it. It was only $2.99, which is an excellent deal.

    I don’t think I know of any apps that you wouldn’t have tried already. I use Urbanspoon a lot because we’re an indecisive bunch who can never decide what we want to eat when we go out – so we let our technology decide for us… or at least give us ideas!

    I also play Wurdle a lot.

  2. Okay I cheated and didn’t watch the whole video… but… I think Twitterfon is much better than Twitteriffic… It’s simple unlike Twinkle but it just seems more user friendly. It’s free so you should check it out.

    Also, since you are an App Whore like me, you might run into the same problem I did… I ran out of spring board pages!!! There is a hack for jailbroken iPhones that will give you 5 columns on your springboard instead of 4:


    easy install instructions are in post #324

  3. Thanks, linxsay! I’ll give Twitterfon a try.

    have you had any issues with jailbreaking lately? I haven’t tried to jailbreak since the appstore became available because it’s didn’t seem necessary anymore but I really miss my themes so I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

  4. I really enjoyed this blog post. My husband recently got me the iPhone 3G and I can’t seem to put the darn thing down. I wonder if there are programs out there for this sort of thing.

    I personally like TwitterFon. It’s a really awesome Twitter app. It’s so organized too. It wasn’t hard to figure out at all. Oh and it’s free.

    Midomi is another cool app. You know how sometimes you get a song stuck in your head and you don’t really know the lyrics, but you can manage to hum it? Well, if you hum the tune this app helps you find a music match. I just like messing with it to see how accurate it is lol. I’d say it’s been about 80% accurate so far.

    FingerPiano is fun to play with when you’re bored. I think I paid 2.99 for it. But well worth it since it makes me feel like I can actually play an instrument.

    Ambiance is nice and can really help you relax. I paid 99 cents for it and it has a bunch of different sounds. From freeway to rain. Not bad.

    As for games, all I have so far is Labyrinth LE, iBowl and WordFreak. I just installed Sally’s Salon. I’m going to give that a try.

    Thanks for going into detail about the camerabag app. I’m going to get that one right now. That’s definitely something I could use.

    Rock on!

  5. Anna, I have to jailbreak because I’m on T-Mobile. Since the App Store came out though, I’ve been trying to replace the jail broken apps with ones from the App Store. I’d say 95% of my jail broken stuff is behind the scenes hacks… not programs. There’s a few things that I really can’t live without so I probably will always jailbreak, even if I had AT&T.

    *Cycorder – allows you to record video with sound
    *MySMS – everything the default app DOESN’T do… landscape texting, ability to forward texts, delete individual messages instead of whole conversations, reminders when you have a missed text, option to hide the text preview pop-up (the last two are a must have for me)
    *PdaNet – i can use my phone’s internet connection on my computer, also known as “tethering”
    *Scrobble – to update last.fm over the air as I listen to music
    *Stack – if you have a Mac you know what stacks are, if not, it’s kinda like your most recently used programs or the stuff you have pinned on your windows start menu. it adds it to the dock which makes the next thing a necessity
    *Five Icon Dock – self explanatory
    *QuickGold – i press the home button while on any spring board page and i can start typing the name of any app, contact, book mark, web clip, etc that’s on my phone and launch it without having to open safari, or the phone, or scroll through spring board pages
    *StatusNotifier – adds missed call/text icons to your status bar
    *SwirlyMMS – picture messaging!!!!

    I have other hacks like themes and stuff but the ones I listed above are must haves for me.

    I am on firmware 2.2, I haven’t updated to 2.2.1 and I don’t think I will. I have to re-jailbreak every time I update and it’s a pain in the ass to re-install all those hacks. I will admit that jailbreaking on 2.# vs 1.# is much more difficult. There’s a lot more involved with it but I have an awesome tutorial on how to do it that I could share with you if you do decide to jail break your phone.

    Sorry to ramble on… I could talk iPhones forever LOL!

    Lisa Marie, try Shazam instead of Midomi. It’s far more accurate =)

  6. I’ve been thinking about the jailbreak specifically for the tethering so maybe PdaNet will finally be my reason to do it.

    Also, I’ve officially converted to Twitterfon. It’s pretty much full of AWESOME so thanks for the suggestion!

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