Welcome, gentle Sir Knight, to the Castle Anthrax!

We had a big family gathering yesterday because my cousin Sarah is carrying a big plump BlueBerry in her belly which will miraculously manifest into a perfect baby boy as it is birthed into the world in about two months.

My family will look for any reason to throw a party and because we are so spread out all over California, it’s hard for me to get to attend a lot of them but every time I do I am reminded just how completely awesome they all are.

I’m writing today because on a few occasions, various family members mentioned the blog to me because my dad had talked to them about it. When this happens, when somebody from my real life tells me that they are going to be checking out my blog, I always have this double edge reaction.

Reaction 1: Awesome! It’s a great way to keep up with what’s been goin’ on in my life and stuff.
Reaction 2: Shit. Maybe I should start to rethink my habit of using the word ‘fuck’ as a verb, noun, adjective. adverb and Proper Name in pretty much EVERY SINGLE POST I WRITE.


Maybe not.

So I figured the best way to welcome any new readers who happen to share the same blood as me to the site is to finally write that post I promised about the newest edition to our family: the boob mug.

800813 mug

The boob mug was given to Ben by a good friend who picked it up for him on a holiday cruise trip to Mexico. I immediately fell in love with it and don’t know how we managed to live such a happy life for so long without such awesomeness being present within our blessed home. I’ve been racking my brain to come up with a decent but not completely skankerific 365 shot using it as a prop. So, if you have ideas, please let me know.

The best part of owning the boob mug so far was the following exchange I had with Cassidy when I decided it would be better to tell her about it than have her open the cupboard some random day and be accosted by the drinkable nipple jumping out at her:

Me: So, have you seen the boob mug yet?
Cassidy: The what?
Me: The boob mug. It’s a mug that looks like a boob. It’s in the mug cupboard.
Cassidy: Oh, it’s a boob?! I saw it this morning and thought it was a REINDEER.
Me: A WHAT?!
Cassidy: A reindeer!
Me: Bwahahaahahaahahaahahahahah.
Cassidy: What?!
Me: That’s just hillarious.
Cassidy: Well, a boob mug in lame.
Cassidy: Whatever.

Welcome, family! This is what I write about! If you manage to make it past this post, I’ll assume that means you think I’m as awesome as I think you are. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Welcome, gentle Sir Knight, to the Castle Anthrax!

  1. LOL Welcome Anna’s family!!

    And that mug is so awesome, i showed it to my bf and he immediatly said we have to get one of those!

    For Bens next birthday, you should make him a boob cake! and make him drink all his drinks out of the boob mug!

  2. Hahaha I can’t believe her reaction was that a reindeer mug would be less lame than a boob mug. That’s awesome.

    Yay Anna’s family! heh. I worry about my family finding mine. I just don’t like the idea.

  3. haha… that mug reminds me of those pens that you tip upside-down and the ladies bathing suits come off. i remember finding one in a drawer at a relative’s house when i was a kid and it was like that scene in ‘the simpsons’ where homer is in the quick e mart tipping the pens upside down for hours…

  4. Daughter, now you know why Nana and I are interested in moving to Mexico. It is a culture that is artistically inventive and just a bit tacky. I love it!

    For those of you who don’t know, I once asked Anna if she thought it was a good idea sharing many of the things she shares. To paraphrase her answer “If you can’t stand the heat get out of the pan!” While I still question the wisdom of some of it, I love that I have the opportunity to know her thoughts, support her when she is down, share in her highs, and know her better. It has also let me understand how aware and thoughtful she really is. If she is sometimes a but raunchy, well, she is my daughter after all!

  5. They are awesome aren’t they? I wish I didn’t get to see them once every year and a half! Who are you worried about? You know they are ALL a bit raunchy…

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