Just Like A Tuesday.

You're blocking my sun.

At dinner tonight Cassidy asked about the relationship between cat and human years. I didn’t really know but I assumed that the general 7 years used for dog life would be close so Cassidy determined that KC was 70 years old. Her jaw dropped and she exclaimed that, “OMG KC IS REALLY OLD!” So I told her, “YEAH! Remember that next time you feel like chasing her around the house like a lunatic!” Then I told her that we’re really lucky that KC is still alive and with us because 10 is actually getting up there for a cat.

The conversation eventually turned to death and how it would feel to not have her around anymore which turned to:

Cassidy: I’d probably cry.
Me: I’d probably lose it, like, mentally. Seriously.
Ben: So it would be like… a Tuesday.
Me: I hate you.
Ben: *grin*
Me: And I’m totally blogging that later.

The ability to laugh at Ben making fun of my mental state is the best part of having a “normal” mental state.

And for the record, after doing some research I realized that KC is actually only 56 years old. Assuming she doesn’t get any fatter, or lazier, or bitchier, I think she still has a few good years in her. 😉

12 thoughts on “Just Like A Tuesday.

  1. Aw, you and Ben are so cute seriously. I know what you mean about being able to make jokes about your mental state. I can totally relate to that and it really does feel good to be able to look at it normally, or at least more normally.

    Cute picture of your cat! My cat is still really young but I am really hoping we can figure out a way to take her to New Zealand with us or else we are going to be very sad when we leave her here. 🙁

  2. The key is not to fat and lazy! Of course designer food and regular vet checks don’t hurt either.

    Remember Sasha lived to be 17 years old! Thought that cat would never go… Miss her 🙁

  3. So, Simon is about 15 years old. That explains a lot. He’s just another moody, sullen teenage boy. 😛
    Kirin is 2, making him my age. He’s certainly young to be so grumpy…
    And poor Blueboy, pushing 50!

  4. Very cute kitty! The pic definitely shows the playful side One of my cats had lived 19 years, and its buddy was 18 when they passed. It was amazing how long they will live with good care. 🙂

    BTW, I found you through Jenn through twitter.

  5. I think your KC has quite a few years left in her. She looks happy and healthy. Cassidy has nothing to worry about, it seems!

    My family had a cat that they got when I was maybe a year or two old, and he just passed away earlier this year — making him at least 20 years old in human years, or a ripe old 96 years old in cat years.

  6. I would totally lose it if my poor kitty died or was close to dying… 🙁 I don’t know if I’d be able to handle it. Cute pic of KC, awesome photos in general! I’ll be coming back!

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