Day 5: Declaring the winner.

I’m glad that Obama won. I was elated. I teared up during his speech. It was moving, and hopeful and exactly what I think the entire nation needed to hear. I am so looking forward to this amazing person who will be leading our nation into the future.

All that said, I’m somewhat disheartened by the reaction that I’m seeing online. Republicans saying DELUSIONAL things like “Obama is a Muslim! He can’t be Christian! He didn’t thank GOD in his speech!” Then Democrats saying “You are prejudice because you didn’t vote for Obama!”

Republicans attacking republicans for not being pissed off enough and Democrats attacking Democrats for saying that John McCain gave an amazing concession speech.


What happened yesterday was AMAZING. People from BOTH sides turned out in record numbers. You fought for what you believed in, you took the time to make your voice heard, you stood in line, you made a difference! Even if your guy didn’t win, even if you voted for the opposite side as me, I’m SO PROUD of every single person that went out and voted. I’m thankful for every single person that understood the importance of this election. I’m so proud that we ALL, TOGETHER, made history yesterday.

Please, I beg you, let this be a time to heal. Lets allow ourselves to band together and use the passion we felt yesterday to work together and make the changes we all know need to be made. WE will ALL play a major part in how the next four years play out and right now, today, this very second, you can decide what kind of future you want it to be.


I promise, this is the last of my political blog posts for awhile. I want to post some about Prop 8 but I think I made it clear Monday exactly what my feelings are and, like I said above, right now I need to look forward and have faith that we will work together as a state to figure this out.


And I might possibly do a Me Today video because I feel like shakin’ things up a bit. Have a topic you want me to talk about or a question you want me to answer? Leave a comment or use the form on the contact page to send me an email and you’ll get the answer LIVE AND IN VIDEO.

5 thoughts on “Day 5: Declaring the winner.

  1. Your post makes me think of one of my experiences when I used to be in little-league baseball. What I’m about to say was especially true when I had ‘just’ started playing baseball.

    When the game was over… No matter if you had won or lost, BOTH teams would line up, and cross the field, and pat the hand of each person on the other team as the passed them, saying ‘good-game, good-game, good-game….

    I may have disagreed with who you voted for,
    your candidate may have won or lost,
    and those things do carry value.

    However, most importantly, and above all else…
    I care that you voted……..

    so if you did…with all sincerity….
    ..good game..

    And if you didn’t, and if you didn’t have a good reason? You are kicked from the team, Get your Glove, your Ball, and go home.

  2. that doesn’t seem to be the case with society these days eh? I remember the same thing playing Football and/or Rugby… Oh well things can only get better now.

  3. My mom’s 72-year-old friend called her and asked, “Did you hear who won?” and my mom replied excited “Yes, Obama did!”. The woman replied, “Yes it’s terrible. This is a dark day in American history.”

    I’ve been reading some conservative car forums and -wow- the reaction is just nuts from some people. One guy posted three threads slandering Obama and relating him to terrorism. I doubt this’ll last for four years, but it seems the country’s pretty divided right now.

    Welcome the change you grumpy bitches!

  4. I couldn’t agree with you, and Ben’s post more. We made history, every single one of us who went out and voted this week. We need to keep it up, and keep pushing each other to exercise our right like that. I don’t care who someone voted for, I only care about the fact that they voted. Because that is what this country is all about.

    The people who didn’t vote seriously need to shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down. They lost there right to complain the minute they didn’t go to the polls.

  5. Keep in mind that this was prior to Obama winning, it was actually Sunday afternoon………..

    We dropped some things off at the MIL’s house. I say are you voting this week? All chipper. She starts on her rant about how she’s not voting for either of those two. She’s entitled to her opinion about it all, she can hate them both, it’s America.

    She continues on for a good 20 minutes about her reasoning. She likes McCain better than Obama. She hates Michelle, I mention I’m really starting to like her, on a motherly level she’s appealing to me. My MIL says if Obama is elected we won’t even be able to go to church, a right she’s not currently exercising anyway, and that we’ll have to start practicing his religion instead.

    I held my tongue about it all until we got outside. I wanted to say and what religion is that you idiot? Christianity? I simply turned to Kevin and said “You know she has problems right?” he said he couldn’t even start to comment on it because he was about to scream at her for being one of those people.

    It’s idiotic. I think in her case she’s mentally ill, and I think in the case of a lot of others republicans are just plain sore losers.

    Now, on the other hand I just can’t stop crying every time I think about it. It’s like we know we’ll be adopting non white children one day, soon, and my niece and nephew are black/white mixed. I can’t believe that for the first time in my life I’m able to actually say you guys can do anything you want. Just look at Obama he did it. You can be president. It’s not just a middle aged white man job anymore and that’s something we should all be proud of.

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