Day 2: Sleep with one eye open.

I’ve out a LOT of effort into being as lazy as possible this weekend. It was rainy and overcast and cloudy the couch was REALLY comfy and warm and inviting. Therefore rather than type up that dream I will leave you with pictures of the cat cuteness.

This picture says: “Sleep with one eye open.”
Sleep with one eye open.

This one says: “Actually, take this, this is my good side.”
Actaully, this is my good side.

We’ve recently had to kick the cats out of the bedroom at night because they (and by they I mean Hans because KC is far to fat and lazy) have been jumping onto Ben’s dresser and scratching it. Hans likes to sit there by the window and lord over the back yard from high on his Perch of Greatness.

They both have ended up sleeping with Cassidy at night which she thinks is great! But about 4:45AM EVERY SINGLE DAY, they start to get a little antsy and pace the floor in front of our door yelling GET UP AND LET ME OUTSIDE, JERKS! By about 5:00AM Hans is doing backflips against the door in protest and when Ben opens it he’s like OMG I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD LET ME OUTSIDE HURRY I HAVE THINGS TO DO AND PLACES TO PEE AND WATER TO DRINK AND WHAT THE HELL TOOK YOU DO LONG HURRY HURRY HURRY THIS WAY I’LL SHOW YOU THIS DOOR OPEN IT OPEN IT OPEN IT HURRY HURRY!

And KC is like, thank GOD you got up to let that spaz out. Now, stop what you’re doing this instant and shower me with the love I deserve for being this amazingly cute.

I have to admit that sometimes it’s the part of the morning I look forward to the most and I get a little grin at how cute and different that cats can be. On Saturdays though, on Saturdays I start to wonder what exactly is involved in the making of cat stew…

6 thoughts on “Day 2: Sleep with one eye open.

  1. I can totally relate on this. If we don’t let Barlow in to sleep with us, he’s usually paces back and forth in front of our door screaming “LET ME IN. IT’S TIME FOR ME TO TERRORIZE YOU. IT’S ALSO TIME FOR ME TO RUN AND JUMP IN THE SHOWER LIKE A CRAZY CAT. BECAUSE I LIKE WATER, MOM! I LIKE WATER! CAN I COME IN NOW? HOW ABOUT NOW?”

    But he’s just so darn cute, so I forgive him.

  2. People who don’t own cats (or other pets) don’t realize that they can have personalities, which is always something I thought very sad. We have four cats and each one is completely different than the rest. Variety is the spice of pet-owner life.

    In our house, we have what we call The Witching Hour,s when all four of the buggers go batshit insane between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. Running around, knocking things over, play fighting, spilling their food/water dishes, breaking into the refrigerator (if it hasn’t been blocked with something heavy) and just generally being furry balls of mischief and mayhem.

    Ah, the joys of cats. 😉

  3. Sounds like my cats. Kali has to make a run for the door everytime we open it (they’re all 3 indoor only), Bella has to fall off of and/or try to destroy everything, and Frisco has to be petted at all times. It’s pretty funny.

  4. My cat is psycho crazy sometimes like that too. She’s so used to me getting up at 6am now that on the weekends when I sleep she still makes sure I wake up at 6am to feed her. I love her to death, though! 🙂

  5. Oh gosh, I can definitely relate. I have two cats and they are the same way. They always chase each other and “yell” around 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. Only I live in a studio and don’t have a room to lock them in when I start to get stressed :\

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