Hello, my name is Anna and I’m a serial series watcher.

I get REALLY HOOKED on a show, usually after it’s already either 1) well into the the season, or a 2nd or 3rd, etc., or 2) it’s already off the air. So what I do is find a way to watch them online. For a long time this meant having to download them using not so very legal means. Just about a month ago I deleted all six seasons of Sex and The City of my desktop’s hard drive. Right after the end of the last season I suddenly realized it was THE BEST SHOW EVER and then downloaded all six seasons and watched them in order and cried like a baby at the end. I still haven’t gone to see the movie because I’m worried about the emotional damage it might do.

And I don’t know if you remember that time that both Ben and I got somewhat COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY OBSESSED with 24 after it had been on the air for three seasons already? And we watched three seasons in a few weeks by watching it every single night and I actually blogged about possibly needing methadone and counseling when it was over.

Then last February we decided we should check out this LOST show that everybody keeps yammering about and: INSTANTLY HOOKED. We watched the first two seasons on DVD from Netflix when Season three had already started so we DVR’d the third season then watched them when we were done with one and two. Then we died from embarrassment and shame.

Then, dear internet, then about two weeks ago I finally took the time to take a look at Hulu and it was like I hit the mother load. Bones, Fringe, Nip/Tuck… all shows I never really took the time to watch before and now I’ve caught up on all of them… while at work. heh

But the best, BEST, OMGBEST!!!! They have all 14 original episodes of Firefly in the correct order. *swoon* I had never really gotten the chance to watch the show properly and after seeing Serenity (LOVE that movie and it still gets the most play on my iPhone) then watching some of the shows out of order, it was really confusing. But not anymore! I watched all 14 episodes in TWO DAYS, then started watching them AGAIN today because: HEART

I can’t believe this show was taken off the air. Given the massive fan base of the TV show, then the movie, it’s just a SHAME. After I finished the season I did more reading about it and Joss Whedon originally planned for it to be a seven year series and my poor broken heart aches to know what WOULD have happened. How long would it have taken them to realize River’s full potential? When were Mal and Inara FINALLY going to stop being stubborn and just DO IT ALREADY? What was the real deal with Shepherd Book and why DOES he know so much about crime and it’s major players? These are questions that I’ll never get answered! NEVER! How am I supposed to go on with no resolution!? No ENDING!? No Mal and Inara DOING IT?!

Anyway, in case you’re, like, into that kinda stuff, you can follow all my obsessing via my hulu feed. But I warn you, if you intend to be the least bit productive, DO NOT CHECK IT OUT AT WORK.

6 thoughts on “Hello, my name is Anna and I’m a serial series watcher.

  1. Peter and I are addicted to a gazillion different shows, which is normally fine – except when we’re living with his parents who don’t watch them, but tape their own shows that we have to watch. I’m going into withdrawal.

  2. OMG, i just read your twitter, you so need to post about cassidy being grounded. i never got in trouble like that i just got my nintendo taken away once, but i got it back 2 days later after we begged my mom for it.

  3. Hulu is my favorite thing ever. Josh and I are completely addicted to it. I don’t have my own account there, though. I just watch things without signing up, haha! I’ll have to check out some of the things you watch.

  4. I am completely in love with Fringe. I have been since before it started, I anticipated it so much.

    I did this with Lost, got the first couple seasons on dvd and then watch it live now. I want to start on 24 since it looks really awesome and I’ve never seen so much as a snippet of it , just previews. Is it worth it?

  5. Anna. Ok. Seriously. Firefly is the best ever. BUT….and this is SERIOUS….you MUST now go download and watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. It’s Joss’s new project WITH Nathan Fillion (swoon) and NPH. 45 minutes, only on the internet, and it is PURE AWESOME.

    “these are not the Hammer.”
    “The hammer is my PENIS.”

    Now, Anna. Now.

  6. hehe I’ve seen it, silly! Yeah, it’s awesome but more awesome than FIREFLY?! PFFT!

    NOTHING is more awesome than Firefly! EVEN CHOCOLATE isn’t more awesome than Firefly!


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