It is a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless information.

OKAY! There’s a link over there to the right at the top of the right sidebar to register and a little blurb about why registering is, like, totally the cool thing to do. Like, all the kids are doin’ it ya know.

“The post” will be up tomorrow. I’ve been working on it. Working on it while I was supposed to be working, actually! I just, in some cases like this, need some time to let things stew, let them simmer down a bit and properly blend so I can go back and backspace where needed. Mainly the sentences where 15.5 out of 17 words are some variation of the word FUCK. Because, I dunno, I think that sometimes my original point gets a little lost when that happens.

Thanks to all of you who have, or will in the future, registered. I know that the last thing most people want is ANOTHER FREAKING PLACE TO ENTER A PASSWORD but I really appreciate the effort. 🙂

I’ve been working on the site quite a bit in the last few weeks. Things you probably don’t see or notice because a lot of it is back end stuff or else updates to pages that are LONG overdue. And actually, one of these days I might get that ‘about’ page done. Maybe. I’ve missed getting my hands dirty (SEE: breaking and then having to fix a lot of shit) in code so it’s been kind of therapeutic.

Going along with that theme, getting my hands dirty again, I’ve picked up my camera and been able to look through the lens and really FEEL like taking shots. And Photoshop! Oh how I’ve loved and missed manipulating images and making them much prettier than they really were ever meant to be.

Also, I like pie.

I think that’s it for now…


8 thoughts on “It is a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless information.

  1. You know, I’m the same way as you. I have to sit and let myself simmer and relax before writing a big meaningful post. Otherwise it ends up coming out all wrong and disastrous and oh my goodness – not good.

    I need to work on my site so badly that it’s driving me insane. The problem is that every time I go to do it, nothing works right!

  2. That pie image was hilarious. It really brightened up my morning 🙂

    There’s so much I need to do with my site but I am just so indecisive that I end up doing nothing with it. It’s quite sad 🙁

  3. Hi Daughter,

    I, too, am waiting for your post. The tone of your last post is a bit down. Hope everything is going well.

    Love you!

  4. I have often thought of doing a registered only blog. Would keep the prying eyes of exs & family away… but am far too lazy! hahaah

    Lol.. I love the pie image!

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