Pink for October ’08

Oh hey, look at that! Aflux went and got all pink on me!

As the massive HEADER WITH WORDS up there is pointing out, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month which means that people all across the country have free reign this month to play with their boobies as much as they want! Actually, you should play with them all the time, or so Ben says, because early detection is the key to beating breast cancer and of you aren’t TOUCHING THEM then you’ll never DETECT. So go on, go do your thing.

Okay, the perpetual 13 year old in me finds it hard to be serious when talking about breasts.

If you have a website you should go pink too. I know it’s a small contribution but if even one case of breast cancer is caught early then switching themes for a month will have been completely worth it. has links to cute pink themes for twitter, wordpress and other popular blogging platforms.

I actually really love themes that Teresa has made for wordpress throughout the years so check them out for sure.

Special thanks to ~bmjewell-stock over at Deviant Art for the cute pink ribbon brushes I used to spruce up Aflux.

9 thoughts on “Pink for October ’08

  1. Am I the only one still seeing the old theme or am I missing something that’s subtle? lol.

    Either way, I loooove the little banner you have in your side bar! I think I’ll add that to mine.

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