I wanted to make my twitter and delicious lists prettier and of course I couldn’t stop there! You should click them and follow me so that we can be friends! I’m a good friend. I have lots of clothes you can borrow and I’m always willing to trade my lunch with you.

I have an awesome post half written up that I’ll get posted tomorrow all about Ben getting an email alert when I’m going to start being premenstral and, seriously, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIVE PMSBUDDY.COM!? I’m not sure who loves it more although I’m pretty sure that Ben can come up with some good reasons that it’s him.

Till tomorrow, blog friends!

5 thoughts on “OH LOOK A NEW THEME YAY!

  1. I cannot use PMSbuddy… my body is like “HA! That would be TOO EASY! I want it to be a surprise to everyone, including you!”

    The new look is excellent.

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