“The best lightning rod for your protection is your own spine.”

Edit to Add:
Ben blogged about this subject today, and he’s a much better expert on how he’s doing than I am, so once you’re done here head over there to read what he had to say. 🙂

People have been sending emails, messages and tweets asking how Ben is doing and what the final word is on his back and the all encompassing answer is:

I don’t know.

We got some MRI results back and it doesn’t look great but how NOT GREAT we won’t know till he can see a specialist on July 18th.

He still has pain pretty much every day. The problem is that he works in the lab an nVidia staring at computer screens all day while sitting and all that sitting seems to cause his back to flair up at night. Sit all day, pain and discomfort at night. It’s a bad cycle but for right now there’s not a solution and there probably won’t be till he can get to the doctor.

So I’m not ignoring you! I promise. Well, I might be a little but only because I’m pretty much doing all the packing to move because he can’t and they just moved our close date up from two weeks away to one week, THIS WEEK, and I have Carrielee coming in this weekend, and I’m swamped at work from being gone after the accident and then a short week last week. Basically, I just DON’T HAVE TIME to answer anybody so here are the facts for EVERYBODY.

My biggest concern is that they are going to say he can’t get back into the race car again. I’d be devastated if they took away something he is so passionate about. BUT! Positive thoughts and all that jazz! And now I’m off to pack more. Bother.

I have an iPhone 3G rant swirling around in my head but I still think I’m too frustrated at this whole, you have an iPhone already so you have to pay more bullshit and I’m not certain I’ll be able to write about it without completely breaking The Internet’s profanity allowance for the next 72 years…

We’ll see.

Title quote: Ralph Waldo Emerson

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