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Family (by antigone78)


It’s still sinking in a little. And you have NO IDEA, dear Internet, how hard it was to keep all this a secret from you! Like, the time I almost passed out while trying on my wedding dress, totally bloggable! Seriously, David’s Bridal, when you have a girl in a knee length body cincher and a dress with 7 layers of fabric, it’d be nice to RUN THE AIR CONDITIONER. I have to admit for just a few seconds as my vision blurred and the wave of nausea hit me and the hot flash started, I thought that maybe if I DID pass out I’d get a discount on my dress but the fear of a black eye on my wedding day didn’t seem too appealing.

The secret was so worth keeping though. My step-mom said she almost called at 12:05 Friday morning because IT WAS FRIDAY AND SHE WANTED TO KNOW THE SECRET ALREADY but they waited and she and my dad are both so happy for us. And my mom cried when I walked into Bella Vista in my wedding dress and hugged us both and gushed and gushed. And the outpouring of well wishes from you guys was just… awesome. Ben and I both appreciate the comments, the email, the IM’s SO much. Every single one of them was read and appreciated and fantastic. Especially the ones that reminded Ben how hot he is because maybe it will coax him into letting me catch him in front of the shutter more! 😉

Husband & Wife (by antigone78)

We booked tickets and condo reservations for eight days in Maui in early April which will be our official honeymoon. We’re taking Cassidy this time though because we both want her to get to experience snorkeling in Molokini, Haleakala on horseback, The Road to Hana and so much more. Plus, the condo has an awesome day camp that teaches kids to Hula, play the Ukulele, make sand art, and lei’s and swimming and she won’t have a chance to be bored at all for the entire eight days.

And finally!

About a week ago I scored four free tickets to see Owen Benjamin at the San Jose Improv (YAY for mailing lists!) so Ben, Lisa and Hans and I went last night and after the opening act, SURPRISE, Jimmy Fallon made a guest appearance. He sang Car Wash for Peace (download it on iTunes, the proceeds go to a great cause) then made fun of himself and had me ROLLING ON THE FLOOR with his stand up. We had up front seats to watch my second favorite SNL star ever! SCORE!

And now I’m going to go upstairs and cuddle with my husband and pretend that my throat isn’t raw, my belly isn’t upset and my uterus isn’t pissed. They can’t ALL be good days. 😉

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