“Do you ever get the feeling that the only reason we have elections is to find out if the polls were right?”

Good lord the amount of money tax payers have had to dish out on Britney Spears in the last few months is a godamn joke. Court costs and armored caravans and paparazzi control. It’s just… blah. At first I thought the whole media circus was kind of LOLful but it’s gotten out of hand. Seriously, they are going back to court AGAIN to fight for “conservatorship” because she apparently hates her dad? Well she’s FUCKING BIPOLAR!! That means she probably loves her dad now and will hate him in 5 minutes. It’s her DAD and he pretty much can’t screw it up because if he so much as buys a pack of gum with her money, the media will alert us in real time. With video.

And it will be BIG NEWS! BREAKING STORY! Jamie Spears bought GUM with Brit Brit’s money! A court hearing is scheduled for 8:00AM tomorrow to BAN HIM FROM HER LIFE. FOREVER.

It’s kind of sad when there are primary elections going on all over the nation but the 5 o’clock news opens with a Britney Spears update.

Speaking of primaries! California’s is tomorrow which means I have about 24 hours to make a final decision between Obama and Clinton. They really are so close on so many topics and on MY “big ones” they’re practically twinsies. When I take those cute little online quizzes there’s a 5-10% split between them so it will basically come down to two things for me:

1) Who do I think is more likely to win against McCain who I think (and hope) will end up winning the Republican nomination.

2) Who do I think will actually keep their campaign promises.

I’m split at this point. I think that Clinton has a lot more experience with this, obviously, and will have the support of a man I already voted for once. And I know that people are saying to judge her separately from Bill’s presidency but realistically, you have to consider that he’ll play a large part in this one too. And also, HELLO! Bush’s DAD was president. Like he’s never turned to pops for advise?

And I think that Obama is a little too “green” to be President. I’m a more than a little wary of putting somebody in office that’s had so little experience, but I do think that he’s probably more likely to beat out a Republican in the general election.

I get all sick and nervous when I have to make a decision about a vote like this because I feel like, what if I choose the wrong person!? I’d feel like I was partly responsible for some kind of failure on a NATIONAL level! Oh, the pressure! And since CA is a blue state it’s even more important! *bites nails*

Okay, I’m going to stop being a melodramatic spaz case now and get back to work.

HAPPY MONDAY, EVERYBODY! I promise not to drink so much RedBull next Monday. 😉

PS – If the comment links aren’t showing up for you a refresh seems to work. Also, you can click the title link to get to the comments. Not sure why they aren’t showing up on the initial page launch and will look into in this evening.

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