Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.

Yesterday Cassidy and I took turns playing Guitar Hero III all day long. Then today she went to her friend’s house (and ended up spending the night) while I did laundry, played a little WOW and went to see Charlie Wilson’s War with Lisa.

And then tonight I came home and found out that Amy died. I’ve read her blog on and off for quite some time and she was a pretty active member of a message board that I frequent. This is the first time that somebody from an online circle has passed away and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.

I read back through her archives, and look through her flickr and it’s just… surreal. This person that was so upbeat and young and expecting her first child is just… gone. And what we have left of her are these blog posts and pictures and forum posts chronicling her life.

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  1. Poor Amy, and her family… when I read your comments on your Flickr photo, I was in total disbelief and shock. I know that death happens all the time, but when it hits so close to home, and to someone you knew online, where it seems like nothing “real” can touch… this is just so awful. Everything in her online life seemed to cut off around the 12th of September – blog posts, comments, her last login on her MySpace and Lavish… just… ugh. I don’t know what to say. I’m so bad with words in times like these. 🙁

    (And Guitar Hero = SO DAMN ADDICTIVE!)

  2. Yeah, I’m still trying to kinda “wrap my head around it” but it’s tough because it’s just NOT what I expected to hear about her disappearance. I expected her to jump back on the forum one day and have been SO BUSY being a mommy that she didn’t have time to post.

    I want to be there for Becca and offer her words of encouragement but what do you say to a person that’s just lost her best childhood friend? I don’t think there are powerful enough words. I’m just really glad that she had her entire family around when she found out.

  3. Traci, I’m not really sure. I know very little at this point.

    She was due in December and went from posting on the forum pretty much every day to a sudden stop on September 12th. That was the date of her last blog post, forum post, MySpace logon, etc. All indications by those posts were that everything was pretty normal.

    She had the baby September 21st, about three months early, then died the next day. All I know from what Becca has said is that she died to save the baby. If/when I know more about what happened I’ll update but at this point, that’s really all I know.

    Just last week a few of the girls at Lavish (the forum) were talking about her and wondering where she was so it was a pretty big shock because it’s a pretty tight community.

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