It’s all about me.

I’m always fascinated when people throw the “narcissistic” ball at bloggers. And there really isn’t a valid way to argue against it, right? I write about me because I assume that you are going to be interested in what I have to say about me. So yeah, anybody that has a personal domain carries around a healthy amount of The Veinâ„¢.

015/365 - It's all about me.

My dad likes to tease me about the narcissism of blogging and self portraits but we laugh about it because, it’s TRUE! I love me! IT’S ALL ABOUT ME! And my dad bought me the PJ’s to prove it so really, I blame him. 😉

My question to YOU is why YOU care so much? I write about me because I think that I am awesomely fantastic. But why do you read about me? And when you do, and you’re so appalled by it, why do you come back? Over and over. To read more and more. Why do you take time out of your day to comment or email and tell me how vein I am? Because all you’re doing is inflating the ego. I HAVE FANS! I must write more! MORE!

It’s this never ending debate I see rampaging the internet every where I turn. The bloggers write about themselves and the haters write about how much they hate you writing about yourself. “Mommy bloggers” are especially prone to this because a lot of parenthood is about failure. Lots and lots of bumps and bruises and finding out what works by realizing what DOESN’T. I’ve not come across a SINGLE mommy blogger that doesn’t have at least ONE regular commenter there telling them in every comment thread:

“I can’t believe you gave your child SODA! You fucking monster!”

“I can’t believe you posted yours child’s PICTURE on the INTERNET! What about predators?!”

“I can’t believe you told the WORLD about when your child fell down and cracked open his head! Where were you? Probably BLOGGING, you horrible, unfit, asswad! Get off the internet and raise your kids!”

And here I am saying it: I don’t get YOU. At least my focus is on ME. I write because it’s an outlet. I have this grand illusion that people will actually want to read what I have to say, that maybe they will enjoy it and get a little chuckle, or walk away with a new perspective, or just slightly less bored than when they sat down. But at the very core of it, I write because when putting it down “on paper” I have to actually form my thoughts and opinions into complete sentences and organize them in paragraph form and I’m foced to confront them. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gotten half way through a blog post and gone, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.”


I sit down and blog knowing that today I will probably learn something new about myself, and two years from now I can look back on today and see how stupid I was back then. YOU sit down to read what I have to say to pick it apart and twist it into something evil and wrong and *gasp* vein!

So you tell me, who sounds like the bigger fool here?

P.S. – I don’t really have any haters. The “I” here was written to speak for bloggers as a whole. Remember, I’m too awesomely fantastic to have haters. BAM!

16 thoughts on “It’s all about me.

  1. i’ve always wondered about people like that, the haters and the shitheads that are so evil on the internet. they have nothing better to do. i agree–putting it down into words is therapeutic. i think that’s why i haven’t given it up after all these years. it’s a very helpful outlet.

  2. This is why I find it funny when people randomly pop into my blog and are all, “You’re so wrong and stupid! I hate you!” I just want to be like, “Um, you’re on MY website where I’m expressing MY opinions. Don’t like it? Don’t read.”

    But people are always compelled to be mean and nasty. Didn’t their moms ever teach them that old adage, if you don’t have something nice to say…?

    Writing is about sharing your experiences and opinions and maybe finding other people out there to connect to. It’s not about sitting down and writing all about your life because you’re fantastic. (Which isn’t to say you aren’t!) Sure, there’s some level of narcissism but nobody is immune to that; it’s just a matter of how you express it.

  3. I blog because I can get out what’s on my mind and I like to look back on it days, weeks, months, even years later to see what was going on at the time. Of course I like comments, who doesn’t? However, it IS about me and pardon my french but fuck the haters. If someone has a problem with my views or situation/etc… close it out ya know? I comment on peoples’ blogs because I find what they say at times very interesting or their lives as a whole even.

  4. I enjoy taking a lot of self-portraits of myself too lol. I find that funny though, seeing as how I am pretty insecure with myself.

    I’ve been blogging for years. About when I first started blogging was when I was using Livejournal. I still go back and read my old LJ from time to time (when I was 15 & I’m 19 now) and think how stupid I was back then.

  5. It is my blog, so I will write about what ever I want, and if that what ever turns out to be about my self and my kids, then so be it.

    Like others have said, its an outlet. Its not like I’m prancing around the internet saying “LOOOOK AT MEEEEE! I AM WONDERFUL!” No, I sit quietly in my little corner of the www and write about how I am feeling and how my day was, and what strange new things my two year old will tell me.

    And if anyone for any reason has a problem with me venting on my site, well sorry, tough shit, because thats how I feel and you can not change that.

  6. After I posted this last night I read it to Ben and realized that I should have premised this with the fact that this only applies to bloggers who don’t post targets all day long. Because there ARE people out there that seem to FEED on these types of comments and I formally exclude them from my opinion.

    This doesn’t apply to any of you commenter’s though, ya’ll rock the blog. :mrgreen:

  7. If I weren’t so tired I’d come up with a way to twist this little blog post into a reason why you feel you need to scare all my commenters off. Why do I also feel like I have to say that this is an inside joke so I don’t wake up to at least one email tomorrow asking me about our e-feud?

    So when you are typing and you have the EPIPHANY do you scream EPIPHANY or do you just do what I do and sit there with a really strange look on your face?

  8. Heh. Well, that’s why I added my last comment. If you do REALLY stupid things online and in your blog time after time after time after time then yeah, you are going to have to deal with people being asshats to you.

    But a lot of times, that’s not the case and the people are being asshats just… because? Because they suck and have nothing better to do.

  9. Yah i write what i want in my blog though i should write more, i dont, i can come up with these great blogs in my head and say oh i need to blog that, then i get to doing something else and i dont blog it. come to think of it ihavent blogged in a long ass time, maybe i should blog again

  10. I just don’t get it. If people say to you, “you should be doing something other than blogging.” Then shouldn’t they be something other than commenting about it?

  11. Well, Mommy Bloggers are bad mothers, duh. We all know it’s impossible to read and take care of kids. That’s just insanity. [/sarcasm]

    I know I do it because I’m God, everyone wants to know about me.

    You didn’t even know that did you?

    (sleep, tesco… sleep.)

  12. I don’t see why narcissism is a bad thing. Of course I’m narcissistic. It’s my blog, after all. So it SHOULD be about me. 😀 I write about me and what goes on in my life because, well, that’s my life.

    Anyway. Merry Christmas Anna. 🙂

  13. Hey Anna I was wondering if you have photoshop elements 6? I have one of the early photoshops and got photoshop elements 6 for christmas from my bf! (i asked for it) and was wondering if you liked it. i cant wait to start playing with it!

  14. How come I don’t have one of those?! I guess I’m not that interesting, but then again I find it funny that these people take the time to actually sit there and bitch when they themselves prolly do it as well.

  15. Traci, I do have it! I have the entire Adobe CS3 suite (Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Elements, etc) and I love it. Elements will be a lot of fun to play with. My best advise is don’t get frustrated and READ READ READ. And use google, it’s your friend. There are SO MANY tutorials out there for Adobe products.

    Now get to playing and lets see the results!

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