“You don’t need strength to let go of something. What you really need is understanding.”

At what point in your life do you realize that holding on to animosity and grudges rob you every second you dwell on them? I guess everybody has to find that realization in their own time and in their own way. For me, it happened in the last two weeks. If you’d have asked me six months ago if I was aware enough to know this I’d have said yes, but I’d have been so very wrong. And in another six months I might think the same thing about this moment right now… But for right now, I’m there. I’ve chosen to not carry around those feelings like an egg on a spoon, always afraid that a gust of wind will come along and knock them off to stink up my life.

I let go. I hope others can do the same in the long run. I guess time will tell.

I’ll be back to blog soon. Once to post this in more depth but behind a protected post. I’m adding a plug in to let “select” registered users read them. I’ll let you all know more when that takes place and how to gain access.

And! Ben and I are having a little debate about how far Neo’s ability to bend the space time continuum extends and we need The Internet’s opinion to settle it. 😉

9 thoughts on ““You don’t need strength to let go of something. What you really need is understanding.”

  1. I learned awhile ago tat letting go of things was a good thing to do. It frees up a lot of brainpower for other, more important and positive things.

    Good on you. 🙂

  2. hello dear 🙂 you’ve been tagged!!

    and in relation to your post, holding grudges/angst/etc is quite possibly the biggest waste of brainpower/stress but it feels like the hardest thing to not do. i held/still hold an eensie weensie bit of a grudge against my ex boyfriend (first REAL boyfriend) from freshman year in college. he basically made me feel like every male is a cheating machine and it’s not the truth but it’s so hard to forget things that made you feel so terrible. it’s getting much better though.

    good luck with that debate on neo. i never win those. 🙁

  3. I stopped holding grudges about a year ago when i met my boyfriend. I was holding a grudge against a former friend of mine for spreading rumors about me and a guy i was seeing a long time ago. she was jealous of us. me and him were happy together. But the day I met my boyfriend I knew he was the one for me. and let go of that grudge, and here we are now, 1 year later and i love my boyfriend more and more everyday. this year in total we have spent maybe 5 weekends apart from each other but not really cause we were texting and emailing. ahhh i love him

  4. “…. holding on to animosity and grudges rob you ofevery second you dwell on them?”

    AMEN. It’s amazing how much energy holding on to those things takes!

  5. I really do try to let go of anything that may cause me to hold a grudge and get irritated/upset because it’s obviously a lot of wasted time and emotion. It doesn’t get better by doing it, why waste the time?

  6. I Have a hard time letting go of things. Certain things at least. I tried to work on it and I was doing really, really well and then I seemed to let it go again. Actually, that’s in real life. I do really well in daily life and I need to quit calling everyone I come across on the net a moron, even if they are.

  7. Letting go of old grudges is such a good feeling. I had been angry at a former best friend of mine for more than 2 years before I could honestly say that I’m over it.. Not sure if I will ever forgive her, but I certainly don’t care about her anymore – that would just be a complete waste of time and energy.

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