So money.

I’m sitting at my NEW DESK(!!) on my NEW CHAIR(!!) in front of my computer that is actually on and in the desk and working for the first time in two weeks. Heh heh heh.

It was bloggable.

P.S. – Oh holy crap it’s the end of October tomorrow and I have no new layout.

Because I suck.

The end.

5 thoughts on “So money.

  1. Either I remember this layout or I’m hallucinating. It looks familiar, but I don’t remember being here in 2005? Anway boo on you for new office furniture. I want some.

  2. You must remember it becuase I coded it from the ground up and made the graphic. Well, either that or somebody stole it.

    And DUDE! My comments POP UP! I haven’t done that in AGES! TeeHee!

  3. I love how your twitter status says you posted it 13821 days ago haha, was the internet even invented that far back?

  4. I am not a “fan” of Tgo’s. We participate in a link exchange. I dont visit his site everyday, nor do I comment everyday. The majority of my comments are me disagreeing with some of his slightly ring wing views and the hypocrisies of some of the things he posts. Such as his entry regarding Oprah minding her business when the President he supports needs to do the same, to an even further degree. You do not have to be a “fan” of someone to comment on their site. You dont even have to KNOW someone to comment. All you have to do, is read an entry..and say…”hey..I think im gonna say something about that…” You know?

  5. Okay, let me make myself more clear then. You think it’s okay to up your hit rating through TGO. And vise versa. TGO, who called my daughter horrible names, my fiance gay, and me a bad mom simply because I didn’t agree with him and I happen to like people he doesn’t.

    So you are either weak minded, easily fooled, stupid like him, or are a horrible judge of character. Either way, I have no reason or desire to have any kind of interaction with you because you are one or more of those things.

    The End.

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