For years Gene and I would always claim 29. No matter how old you get, when asked, say 29. I always thought WHATEVER, it’s so far away that it’ll never matter anyway!

Except now it’s 2 days away.

Around my birthday every year I wonder when I have to grow up. 18? 21? 25? Now 30? Are you officially grown up when you start wearing mom jeans and festive holiday sweaters? Because I think I’m going to be one of those crazy grandmas that has on jeans and a snakry tshirt and Chucks. What about when you drive a Cadillac 60 MPH down the slow lane of the freeway? I think we can all agree I’ll never drive slower than the speed limit. Ever.

So I dunno. For some reason this year I don’t feel older. Last month I started to wonder if I’d be here mentally right now. And by “here” I mean, not in a mental ward somewhere banging my head against a wall chanting “29, 29, 29, 29”. Then about a week ago I realized that I get to be 29 for a year.

I’ll worry about it next year.

2 thoughts on “29

  1. Happy Birthday Anna, and dont worry 29 isnt that bad, it is good, so good, i think next year I am going to skip 30 and be 29 again!

    Bakersfield last weekend wasnt too bad, but thats only cause my cousins and I spent alot of time on Lake Buena Vista on the boat, yah i need to invest in one of those.

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