I’m too young for this.

Saturday Cassidy, my mom and I spent the day running around to get some last minute school shopping done. She grew like 4 feet over the summer and all the skirts she put on had her looking like Cynthia. Target had all the uniforms on sale (YAY FOR LASTMINUTNESS) and we picked up a few skirts, shirts, capri’s and all that jazz. I didn’t get TOO much there because at The Great Mall there is store that sells uniforms but cut in all the hip new styles. So they are the fabric the school requires but she won’t be twinsies with Laura Ingalls Wilder on the first day of school. Cassidy is all about the fashion. This is her big fashion secret. She gets to wear uniforms that are different than the normal Lands End, Target, WalMart fair that you see and she thinks it’s the coolest thing EVER because they look great with her hot pink and purple striped tights, red knee high socks, and green and yellow hair bow. I’m telling you, she’s ALL ABOUT THE FASHION.

Only the store is closed and Cassidy is BESIDE HERSELF because HOW is she going to FACE the people at school if she has to wear the SAME uniform they do?! So before she could die right there in the mall in typical melodramatic girl fashion, we rushed her into Limited Too to see if we could find anything there. We did. ONE pair of capri’s and two bralette’s: $85.00!!!

Me: I certainly hope you include lube with that.
Clerk: Huh?

On the way out as I was mentioning to Cassidy that we’d have to go back to target the next day to get a backpack we passed Tilly’s and they seemed to have a pretty good selection of them so my mom went in. Cassidy ended up picking this Roxy backpack… after staring at two for about 30 minutes trying to decide which one she liked better. I could see the gears turning, ticking off the pros and cons of each. Hmmm, this one has wheels, but THIS one has a matching detachable LUNCHBOX!

When she finally decided on the backpack and we were paying, another clerk decided to SPEAK and please, clerks, COULD YOU STOP DOING THAT, and mentioned they had a MATCHING BINDER. My mom, of course in full on grandma mode, said, “YES! Lets see it!” So the guy brought it over and a short 40 minutes after Cassidy was ready to completely give up on life and die right there in front of a closed down Voga, she proclaimed this “THE VERY BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!”

Today is her fist day of 4th grade. Excuse me while I go cry…

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  1. Thanks, Traci! I really don’t have a proper lens for taking shots like that so I was pretty happy with what I ended up with. 🙂

    The time elapse photos like the one you linked are pretty cool!

    OH! And I didn’t see your question over on flickr about the chain till the other day! My mom got it at Hot Topic. 🙂

  2. sweet I am going to buy one for him. Im gonna be up in Bakersfield this weekend. Not looking forward to this trip as it is for my grandmas funeral. my cousin told me its like 112 degrees there right now UGGG.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that Traci.

    And 112! Ugh… If I make any more trips down there the year it will only be AFTER the three digit days are over. Living up here now where it only got to 93 today and I felt like passing out, I wonder how I lived though days and days and days of 110+ heat there.

  4. it was 91 here today, and humid ugg, makes it feel so much hotter hopefully bako is still just a dry heat, so much nicer than humid heat

  5. I hope Cassidy had a great first day of school. While I was driving around the other day I watched the kids coming home from their first day of school. I remember spending weeks picking out what I was going to wear the first day of school. It’s a big day! The uniforms take a little of that pressure away but I’m sure Cassidy enjoys putting in her own special fashion points. Your an awesome mom!

  6. Ok so let me say I am totally envious of you that you got to do all that back to school shopping. I so miss that stuff and can’t wait. Can’t freaking wait.

    Now, I was watching something on the news and I heard them saying that in Indy they have to wear the FrenchToast line of back to school clothes. Before I was like yeah uniforms are ok, now after reading your post and hearing what options Cassidy has as opposed to what the kids in Indy have I feel sorry for them. They also mentioned that they are selling the approved clothing at the Dollar General Store.

    Thank God you guys don’t live here!

  7. I used to love going with my mum to buy my school uniform. I’d always get the typical black trousers, black skirt and black jumper but I’d wear pink tights with black fishnets over them and neon pink blouses under my jumper.

    Funnily enough I never got into trouble for it because I always wore my school tie and at high school I was known to be ‘expressive in other ways’ by my teachers. Haha!

    Hope that Cassidy enjoyed her first day back!

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