I *heart* Harry Potter.

For awhile I was really debating what to do come July 20th. I mean, it’s the last book. This is the last time that Cassidy will have the chance to wow her grandkids someday with, “I waited all night in line for that book.” So in the end, I’ve decided that doing it for her alone is worth it.

But I swear to God, if somebody decides to drive through the crowd yelling out who is killed, it will become that time where, “Your great-grandma finally crossed the line to Crazyville and killed somebody over that book. True story. She grabbed him by the neck and actually shoved his own head into his own asshole. Up until then it was just a figure of speech that nobody ever really thought was possible. Not your great-grandma though… she proved them all wrong.”

Plus, I totally bet Ben $10 that I’d make it to midnight.

8 thoughts on “I *heart* Harry Potter.

  1. Yay! I’m working Harry Potter night at my store, and dressing up as Trelawney, because that’s the only thing I can really do with stuff I have in my house currently… shawl, scarves, necklaces, etc, etc.

    I think a lot of people are worried about people flipping to the end to shout out the ending. I’m seriously contemplating having our managers escort people out of the store as soon as they get their book. Although that doesn’t really stop them from standing outside of the door to do it… But I really hope no one is that ridiculously stupid, to stand in line for so long just to be near the beginning so they can ruin it for everyone else. If you have that kind of time on your hands to make fun of people… well, need I say more?

  2. I know, I don’t want that either. AT ALL. But like in that video, the guy drove by the front of the store and yelled it, “SNAPE KILLED DUMBLEDORE!!!” Then he would drive by people as they were walking to their cars.

    I told Cassidy we’d go at 6PM for the festivities, say till midnight, grab our book and RUN TO THE CAR WITHOUT STOPPING OR TALKING TO ANYBODY. I’m glad they are doing it on a Friday. Saturday I have a party to go to and I’ve already apologized in advance for my tiredness from being up all night reading.

    Me: Remember my cousin Sarah?
    Cassidy: We’re going to her wedding!
    Me: YES! Well, she’s going to dress up like Professor Trelawney for the Harry Potter release!
    Cassidy: She’s coming here?!
    Me: No, in her town. She work at Barnes and Noble.
    Cassidy: She’s being Crazy Trelawney?
    Me: Yeah!
    Cassidy: AWWWESOME!

    We expect pictures! 😉

    I’ll just be wearing my Gryffindor shirt and we are heading to Hot Topic at some point this week to pick up something for her. Teehee. *is giddy*

  3. I guess the Harry Potter love runs in the Reid genes… I’m really excited too. Peter is trying to tell me that I have to come to bed with him and not stay up all night reading like I’ve done for the last two… I don’t think so! Luckily my manager was nice enough to give me Saturday off! 🙂

  4. It’s so weird Sydney is only 4 and completely obsessed with Harry Potter. I saw tonight while I was browsing melons at the grocery that Meijer is having a big to do about the book. You can actually dress up and go there and all this stuff. I’m thinking about making a midnight run for cookies and actually eating them in the store while looking at people. Because I stare.

  5. I’m okay. I guess… I got the Red Eyes of Death from Cassidy on top of a cold my body was already trying to fight off. The eye thing was pretty much the last straw and I spent most of the day sleeping. Doctor ordered the same thing for at least one more day. 🙁

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