Because I’m a responsible blogger and Surge is a DREAM KILLER, I thought that I should add that I’m doing my part to kill the planet, one cold, refreshing fix at a time. According to *tries not to snicker*, every 1 kilogram of Fiji water consumes 26.88 kilograms of water (7.1 gallons) .849 Kilograms of fossil fuel (one litre or .26 gal) and emitted 562 grams of Greenhouse Gases (1.2 pounds) to produce. Now my habit feels even more dirty than before. Only not as bad as say, if I smoked… :mrgreen:


Some time ago I rather harshly judged somebody because they wouldn’t drink any water but Figi. I still think its pretty lame to go overboard with it which is what this person did.

Them: Oh no, I don’t want that perfectly good Arrowhead water you are offering be because I’m thirsty and there’s nothing around to drink, because I ONLY drink Fiji water.
Me: Good! Becuase I’d much rather spit on your hot, dry corpse then GIVE you a single drop of my water!

For the last few weeks I’ve been living a secret double life. I’ve gone through probably 20 bottles of Fiji water. I CAN’T HELP IT! IT’S A PROBLEM, I KNOW I NEED HELP! I’M SO ASHAMED!!!

But it’s so soft and flavorless and when its ice cold it’s like pouring liquid extacy (Not that I’ve ever done E, because I HAVEN’T. HI DAD!) down your throat. The way the supersoft water rolls across your tongue and down your throat with no aftertaste and… *starts shaking*

*grabs bottle, injects into vein*

Okay, I have a problem. BUT! I can say, that if I was thirsty and somebody offered me a bottle of Arrowhead, I’d not turn it down like some pigish, asswipe who’s SO MUCH BETTER than your crap infested, NAME BRAND water.

The other day Ben, who admits the Supreme Fabulousness of the water and has been knows to bring bottles to bed with him, was giving me a hard time about it. “what makes it so special?”, he asked. So I explained:

Me: It’s filtered through mountains and silica so that’s why it’s so soft. Mountians that are untouched by pollutants from factories or humans and think about it, even the rain clouds have no pollution in them and so the water even STARTS OUT pure and…
Ben: What about dead animals?
Me: What?!
Ben: Well, there has to be dead animals on the mountain…
Me: I hate you! Why would you say that!?

Ben always has to ruin EVERYTHING for me!! But! According to my Fiji bottle yesterday the water is protected by an Impermeable Rock that protects the water. IMPERMEABLE! Click that link. They explain that the water isn’t ever even touched by AIR, let alone ROTTING ANIMAL.

By definition, artesian water comes from a source deep within the earth, protected by layers of clay and rock. There is no opening, not even a porthole to the surface. As a result, the water never comes into contact with the air, protecting it from environmental pollutants and other contamination.

IMPERMEABLE! I think that rotting animal corpses would fall under the “other contamination” umbrella. Not that it really matters anyway. I’m stupid brave enough to drink California tap water so drinking water filtered through rotting animal corpses would probably be a step up.

6 thoughts on “Fiji

  1. Ha! Well, as I said over at Flickr, Fiji is my favorite bottled water. It tastes different – more crisp and clean. It could all be in my head, but it doesn’t matter because I liiiiike it.

    I’m not going to turn down other water because of it. Maybe tap water in some places, but I buy bottled Dasani as well as Fiji, so I must not be that picky.

  2. You had better not be using e! Like I have anything to say about it. You are old enough to live through your own decisions, even if I wish you would not. Kind of like eating pasta when you know what the consequences are!

  3. HA! hahaha I haven’t ever used it. It was one of those many drugs I saw my friends doing and decided it was much more fun to watch and make fun of them than actually do. 😉

    Eating pasta though… That one has been hard to resist!

  4. Anna, you’re not alone. I’m a FIJI addict. I just got rid of about 20 empty bottles from my room. I NEED it. I take it to parties, BBQ’s, Out…the ONLY water I will drink if I can help it. I dont mind paying extra for the eye candy either. The square shape and pretty colors rawk! =)


  5. Man, between the Bimmers, the Range Rovers, The Fiji and being incredibly fucking hot… it’s like we were separated at birth! 😉

  6. I’m not sure I’ve even had Fiji but I must try it now. I really love the water from Starbucks that you can get in a bottle. It’s like Eros or something. I had a similar experience with it and it helps save lives or something.

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