I DON’T kill everything I grow.


I grew tomatoes!!! TADA!

I know, I know. Big deal right? Well, YES! It is a big deal! Because I’ve been trying to grow them for THREE SEASONS and this is the first time I’ve had a plant ACTUALLY produce a tomato.

In the past everybody told me to use Miracle Grow but I kinda feel like that’s cheating. I mean, do they genetically alter these fuckers to ONLY produce fruit if you chemically force them to? Maybe it’s some conspiracy that Miracle Grow has going on to up sales. But I dunno, I can see using it on flowering plants to balloon the bloom size to unnatural proportions but not something I’m going to eventually let Cassidy eat. I don’t need whatever chemical it is that causes the monster blooms to get into her system and somehow make her feet grow any bigger than they already are because they are already pushing the ‘unnatural’ envelope as it is.

I got some great news about a friend yesterday. And even though it wasn’t MY news I was so excited for them because I remember what it felt like to be in the spot they are in now and how wonderful it can feel and hearing THEIR good news actually put ME in a great mood! Funny how that can happen. Anyway, you know who you are and, YAY! Happy for your great news! 🙂

Ben was supposed to go to the track this weekend but money (it would be over $500 MORE then the $300+ he’s already spent on it AND he was at the track last week anyway which was probably another $500) and his head has started being a bastard again. He gets these headaches that come on randomly and literally floor him. He instantly gets hot (I’m sure his temperature goes up because he actually feels hot to the touch), feels nauseated, lays down and tries to sleep it off. He lays there and moans. That kills me. Two weeks ago when he was helping me with my exhaust he practically drove a screwdriver THROUGH his hand, washed it off and kept working like it was no big deal. So when he’s in so much pain that he’s on the couch groaning, I get worried. Really worried.

They have given him migraine medicine and so far it’s basically done: NOTHING. They are still coming and the medicine doesn’t seem to help AT ALL to get rid of them, or even help with the symptoms. Then for the entire following day he has what he describes as a ‘headache hangover’. Anybody else have these? Idea’s what it might be? I’m wondering if maybe some more drastic testing should be done…

Anyway, that was my Full of Randomness post for the week!

9 thoughts on “I DON’T kill everything I grow.

  1. my aunt has migraines like that. I was seriously starting to worry that my headaches were going to be whatever she has and it was hereditary or something. she does that same thing and she has the hangover type thing too. I’m not sure what causes hers exactly but they gave her the toprol or whatever stuff and it barely helped so she has shots that she can give herself when she has a headache, and she goes to a pain management clinic. Honestly since you live where you live they should be able to narrow this down, but where we are I wouldn’t doubt that they never ran the first test on her and just give her all this medicine. She’s got a thyroid condition and doesn’t medicate and she’s really fat and short because of that and I always speculated that was the root of the headaches was the thyroid problem. Then she was telling me before I had surgery that she had cysts in her sinus cavity as well, so that very well could be the cause of it.

    Did they do a head ct on him? When I was getting mine I’d get so sick to the point of I was almost at the ER but I kept saying oh it’s just a headache deal with it. I thought I had a brain tumor it hurt so bad. I feel for him because his is on going and he really isn’t getting any relief.

  2. We’ll see. He hurt his back today pretty bad and the pain from that seems to have caused him to have another headache. I feel so bad for him and I wish there was SOMETHING I could do to make the pain go away. 🙁

    I’m thinking maybe a CT scan. But after today I’m wondering if it’s just a blood pressure thing.

  3. I hear him on the headache thing, i have suffered from migranes for about most my life now. a dark room with absolutely no noise is what always made me better, drugs didnt really do anything.

    On Wednesday I am Headed to bakersfield for a day, then up to Clear Lake in Lake County for a 10 day camping trip with my WHOLE family i cant wait!

  4. Aww.. congrats! I’ve been wanting to plant veggies and flowers, but I’m very scared that nothing will grow and I’ll get discouraged.

    I think I’m going to wait until spring to crush my hopes and dreams 😛

  5. Hello. That is really cool that you were able to successfully produce tomatoes. I wish we could grow them out here, I would have an entirte vegetable garden. I def would not use miracle grow though for the same reasons you’ve chosen not to.

  6. Oh Oh Anna that could be. He could have high blood pressure because you know that messes with you in the strangest ways. And as my gyn says get it taken care of your head may just explode someday. Lovely.

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