1st class.

You know what’s classy? Taking your New Girlfriend (decked out in mini skirt, belly top and fishnets) to the child support devision for an appointment you know that your Baby Mama is going to be at. When Dad and Baby Mama got up to go talk to the case worker and New Girlfriend started to walk back too, Baby Mom turned around and said, “You better SIT. YOUR. ASS. down.” If I’d had some popcorn and a 42oz. soda, I’d have been set.

I’d go into why I was there but not yet. Let’s just say that after letting $24,000 go unpaid just because I didn’t feel like fighting it went out the window the day I was called up and called a cunt because I didn’t feel like letting him get away with what I had in the past. And on the day we buried his uncle, no less. BIG. MISTAKE.

Cassidy is in Bakersfield with Carrielee and Amber for two weeks. I was literally getting in the car to leave and Cassidy and Carrielee were clinging to eachother with tears welling up and:

Amber: OMG! Just leave her here, we’ll bringher back in two weeks.

At the same time as…


So she’s there with her BFF and her grandma and probably getting spoiled rotten and having a blast. Which gives me two weeks to do the Annual Room Cleaning Extravaganzaâ„¢. But not tonight! Tonight I need to go to bed for because I have to be rested for Gwen Stefani concert tomorrow! YAY! Girls night!

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  1. Aww Gwen was just here but nobody likes her music but me. Because I live in Podunk and all.

    So being called a cunt. Well, I hope he lives to regret that remark.

  2. OH what I wanted to say but forgot because that whole cunt comment threw me off.

    So when we went to court about a year and a half ago our biological egg donor came in with her boyfriend and baby. Both looking like they just rolled right out of the dirty clothes hamper. The boyfriend disrupted court so many times that the judge ended up threatening him with leaving the room, but of course he just wanted to let us all know the size of his new trailer home. I mean literally he yelled it out that it was like 15 ft by 20 ft or something equally as sad until he got an acknowledgment that we heard him.

  3. Yeesh. So lame. Is that how they planned to prove to the judge what GREAT parents they were?

    I feel for you because you HAD to go to court just to keep custody of Sydney. It’s insane what adoptive parents have to go through. I was talking to Ben about it the other day and how expensive it is and the endless court hearings and the constant fear… People who adopt kids really are heroes for going through all that.

    In my case, I’m just going back because I’m mad and the idea that for free, the agency is going to press contempt of court charges (for non-payment) on him which is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE (SEE: actual jail time). Calling me a cunt was the second to last stray, the VERY LAST one was threatening me with the “I’ll see you in court” line… AGAIN. Okay, you wanna go to court, LETS GO BUDDY!

    The end goal, 1) He’ll know that when he threatens me with court, he better be ready to ACTUALLY GO TO COURT, and 2)$24,567.00 will pay for a year of COLLEGE. Or a CAR. And Cassdiy DESERVES that money.

  4. Oh Oh finally someone who is going through something like I am/have. I feel the same way about the threats aspect. I’m like if you are going to threaten it be damn read to go because I’m not being pushed around anymore. But one question, does Cassidy have a clue what is going on? See I’m worried that when Sydney gets old enough it’s going to have an impression on her.

    And apparently if you have a trailer that is 15 ft as opposed to anything less wide you are a better criteria of parent. Actually what he wanted was a monthly check from the kids. I think he’s disabled or attempting to claim he is and he thought oh the more kids the merrier. Hence the reason he got the woman pregnant in the first place.

    Her new rant to me is that since I voiced concerns to social services what 3 years ago and we went over the goings on in court 2 years ago and we stated why social services in IN contacted social services in KY and had her visits revoked to where he was not able to be around the child and Indiana soc. suspected sexual abuse that he was going to sue me. Because the judge questioned me about it.

    I tried to explain to him that I could have went into my hearing and said that I was worried that he was Osama’s right hand man and that was my right to fear. If the judge wanted to rip my ass for it he would have. But yeah she said he saw a lawyer and was suing me for all this stuff and I said BRING IT ON. I laughed. She said well I talked him out of it but he wants to pursue it because he thinks you have money. Uh and I’d burn it all and sit in a cell before he’d see a dime of it. And this is coming from a guy whose own mother calls social services and says she has seen him molesting his 1 year old. Wow I’d open that can of worms if I were him.

    I’m fed up with the whole bunch of them and if she had made half the effort like she begged for to have contact then I might be a little more nice about it. Calling twice in 7 months and both times telling me I’m getting sued or that my dna test was false and that I should live in fear isn’t cutting it.

    Then again now TGO is calling social services on me too so I better watch out!

  5. She is aware that her dad hasn’t paid child support before because she’s flat out asked me. She’s not aware that I’m going to be taking him back to court on the contempt charge and I won’t even tell her when I have the court date because I don’t want her to think that we are fighting.

    Honestly, she’s starting to form her own opinion of him. When she saw him at the funeral, she basically ignored him. She said Hi, asked him where his girlfriend was and then ran to play with her cousins. Then I had to REMIND her to go give him a kiss goodbye. We were there in town and she never once asked to stay behind with her dad, but she BEGGED to stay with her grandma and Carrielee NON STOP.

    I really don’t think it’s effected her all that much. And even less now that she’s older and questions me why he doesn’t call more, or ever drive to see her. And even then she only really asks when it’s around one of the holidays. Easter, Christmas, etc. And starting now, I’m even cutting off THOSE visitations because he’s so freaking unpredictable. I gave him half the summer and every other holiday before because I’m NICE. I don’t have too. Our court papers stipulate “Every other weekend and one day a week mutually agreed upon.” Nothing about holidays.

    I’m just done trying to be the better person only to be called names when he’s having one of his typical temper tantrums, or because he suddenly feels like being a dad today. It really pisses me off when he tries to tell me that “I’m keeping her from him” when I’ve WILLINGLY given him all that summer time and all those holiday’s even though I didn’t have to.

    Like in your case, they threaten shit when they want more money from the government or feel like being parents for a few days like it’s some kind of novelty… He’s all empty threats when his family gives him crap for not being there for her, or when he suddenly wakes up one morning and remembers that he has a child.

  6. Guys like that PISS me off! The sad thing is that there are so many of them like that out there!
    Does he still have his truck?? I can go “decorate” it for old times sake..I might have some cream of wheat laying around..HEEHEE!!

  7. Hey Anna, I know alot of CHP officers and BPD Thanks to my family. Want him to get “pulled over” haha

  8. [quote comment=”33860″]Guys like that PISS me off! The sad thing is that there are so many of them like that out there!
    Does he still have his truck?? I can go “decorate” it for old times sake..I might have some cream of wheat laying around..HEEHEE!![/quote]

    Don’t forget the syrup first!! 😉

    Nah, the truck was actually stolen right after I got pregnant.

  9. [quote comment=”33870″]Hey Anna, I know alot of CHP officers and BPD Thanks to my family. Want him to get “pulled over” haha[/quote]

    hehehe Nah, he’ll have a sheriff visiting him soon anyway to serve him papers. 😉

  10. Anna, I thought you might get a kick out of this. About a month ago I had someone from social services contact me. They wanted to know if I would be interested in garnishing wages from one of my employee’s for back child support. This was news to me as the pecker head had not even said anything about having kids. The state that he lives in had suspended his drivers liscense until his child support was caught back up. Since I had hired him in a driving job, this gave me the right to terminate his employment. When it all washed out, he ended up without a job, in jail for 90 days, out the last $5300 dollars that I owed him garnished straight to the social service agency to go against what he owes, and no chance of obtaining a job in the field which he is trained in. I hope the kid gets the rest of the money that is comming to her, but it is nice to know that until that day comes this dead beats life will be a living hell.

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