I’m deleting/adding things all over the place to (hopefully) get the new theme up and in mostly working order before I go to bed. Hang tight, and if I don’t royally fuck things up in the next 30 minutes you will have something new to look at.


EDIT – Okay, there’s more to do and a few things that broke between the test domain and here but, TADA! I’ve loved this theme from the first time I saw it but like every other pre-made I’ve used, I’ve changed A LOT. There are little tweaks to make here and there (like getting rid of the Firefox banner in IE because I’m sure that Julie will boycott me for life if it stays for long 😉 ) but for the most part, this is it. Enjoy!

P.S. – Don’t you love the highlight of the edit? I can make these in all different colors for different reasons. They will be abused greatly in the future.

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