WIRtW: (0004) Amendment F13.

When I Rule the World, Friday the 13th will be considered a National Holiday. Thus the National Holiday policy will be in effect.


Why didn’t somebody tell me it was Friday the 13th? I laid in bed this morning and seriously considered calling in sick and I didn’t really have a reason other than I just didn’t feel like getting out of bed. But my conscious (and my stupid anal PTO militant side) forced my feet to hit the floor exactly 15 minutes before the time I normally leave the house.

I’ve gone into this before but I REALLY don’t like Friday the 13th’s. I didn’t know it was the 13th when I laid there in bed but HAD I, it would have been enough reason to pull the blankets up over my head to hide from the world for the rest of the day.

5 thoughts on “WIRtW: (0004) Amendment F13.

  1. I think you’d do a fine job of ruling the world. Keep shooting for it! New National Holidays are always heaps of fun!

    Since Christ has Christmas, why don’t you do Anna-Day and give everyone $100 if they worship the hell out of you.

    I’m hyper…don’t mind me.

  2. Hmm, So are you pregnant? Ben already convinced you to get married, and i believe both kittys are fine! so that only leaves one thing YOUR PREGNANT! hehe JK though cassidy may like a little brother or sister or even more cats! but please wait till after the wedding for more kids! I am off to the wonderful land of Bakersfield for the weekend so i wont see your responce till i get back probably. It is my cousins 21 birthday and we bought him a wholeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bunch of profolactics(sp?) and 3 yes count that 1-2-3 PREGNANCY tests! haha what is my male cousin gonna do with those haha. oh yes and my friday the 13th is going good- so far im probably gonna hit traffic in san bernadino YUCK- may the rest of your day go good!

  3. hehe I Anna Day. I should start to promote that… 😉

    Have fun in B-town Traci! And NO I AM NOT PREGNANT! *knocks on wood till knuckles start to bleed*

  4. I didn’t even realize it was Friday the 13th until some poor woman was having a crappy day at work and was like “It really is the 13th” OH well…I guess it dosn’t work out so much for some people. Take Care!

  5. I didn’t realize it until one of my kids said something about it… I usually don’t realize it’s Friday until Monday though 😀

    (if that makes a bit of sense) 😉

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