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Cassidy and I planted a bunch o’stuffs this weekend. I wanted to get some shots of everything today but when I got home the sky was really overcast so the light was crap and while trying to frame shots, I realized that everything was still so small that it looked kinda sad. Maybe it was the weather… heh

So, I got some close up shots and decided to molest them in photoshop for your viewing pleasure.

Sweet Basil:
Sweet Basil


Daylily w/ Orton Effect:
Daylily w/Orton Effect

P.S. – I want a Macro lens SO BAD. It can be my Birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Second Saturday in July, WHATEVER gift. Or ALL of them! *drool*

4 thoughts on “*click* *snap* *post*

  1. I really like the pictures of the flower. I want a macro lens for my new camera too. I’ve always loved taking macro shots, and I can take pretty good ones with the camera I have (Cannon Digital Rebel), but I still want a lens only for macro. I also want a fish-eye lens (landscape with rounded edges)

  2. Awesome Pictures! But I gotta tell you when I opened my hotmail and read the email that tells me what youre new blog titles are… the “cl” in “click” looked just like a “d”…so I thought it said… “dick**snap**post” I just about spit my fiji water out! ha!


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