Dear Firefox,

Normally I have warm, fuzzy, wonderful feelings about you. Tonight I’d like to shove sticks under your thumbnails and force you to eat slugs. Can you just SEE THE GODDAMN BORDER?! And really, would it BE SO HARD to just LET THE DIV BE 100% height? Please? I promise to be nice and make you cookies when we are done.

IE is playing nice. So until you decide that you are not ‘above’ playing with us, I’m going to have to rethink our relationship.

Not so patiently waiting,

3 thoughts on “Dear Firefox,

  1. Love it! I can sympathize with your sentiments exactly. I hate trying to design something and having it only work in either Firefox or IE. But for me, its usually IE that gives me the trouble, not the fox.

    But I agree with Adele.. Use the jealousy card, it’ll probably work better =)

  2. Jealousy! Why didn’t I think of that! 😉

    This is the FIRST time that I’ve ever had an issue with FF. Usually everything looks beautiful in FF and I have to do a buch of fixes for IE. This time though, FF refuses to see that damn border around my container OR make the sidebar height 100%. The 100% div is a known FF issue so I expect that.. But COMMON! I was pretty tired last night though so I figured best to just get up and walk away. I bet when I sit down today I find the problem right away.

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