WIRtW: (0003) National Holiday Policy

I will start doing these again. I kinda forgot that one fortune teller told me I’d be Queen of the World one day. It might be soon so I better get back to it!! 😉

When I rule the World, Vacation Days shall work as follows:

1) All holiday’s will be days off. Rule of thumb, if it’s on a calendar, it’s a holiday. The month of February for example..

Days off:
February 2nd (Groundhogs Day)
February 12th (Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday)
February 14th (Valentine’s Day)
February 19th (President’s Day)
February 21st (Ash Wednesday)
February 22nd (George Washington’s Birthday)

2) You will receive one (1) vacation day on the day of any immediate family’s birthday. Immediate family includes a person’s mother, father, sister, brother, grandparent, grandchild, son, daughter, fiance, dog, cat, bird, hamster, mouse, ferret, turtle, bunny, gerbil, hermit crab or any other living creature in the care of said person who is referred to as “a member of the family”. You will also have the day off of your spouse or domestic partner’s immediate family.

3) Women who are actively menstruating are to have vacation till they are free of cycle for 24 hours.

4) All days that children have off school, parent’s shall also have off. This includes Christmas, Easter, Etc. During the summer parents may switch weeks off, every other week.

That is all for now. Will amend as I see fit and days are subject to change at my will.

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