Sometime in the last week, I think it was last weekend, Ben mentioned to me that he had a wound on the big vein that is on the back of your hand. Hold your hand in a fist for a few seconds and you’ll see it but it’s much more pronounced on men because they are big and strong and veiny. He mentions this as I’m getting ready to do something and he’s still in bed and I’m kinda running around somewhat not paying attention.

Ben: And you know what’s weird?
Me: Hmm?
Ben: I don’t have any idea how I got it.
Me: Yeah, I get them all the time. I usually don’t remember how I get my bruises.
Ben: But this isn’t a BRUISE. It’s a CUT. On my VEIN…
Me: Okay?
Ben: How would I get a cut right THERE and not remember it?

I could see where this was going now.

Me: Like, maybe you were abducted by ALIENS!!!
Ben: I know, right! Because you’d think that I’d remember something like a cut RIGHT THERE on the VEIN.
Me: Ohhhh… Let me see it…

For the last week, if he’s done anything out of the ordinary he points to the vein. And anytime I’ve wanted to blame something on him I point to the vein. HAR! Ben is a comedian.

Friday night at Red Robin I was feeling pretty good for the first time in a WEEK. I think I actually made it 30 minutes without coughing violently. He asked me if I wanted to watch a movie when we got home so I asked what we had…

Ben: That Nascar movie with Will Ferrel, Lost Season 1: Disk 1 and Lady in the Water.
Me: No Lady in the Water. Scarry movie. Won’t watch it. I’m in more of a comedy mood anyway.
Cassidy: Lets watch the comedy!
Ben: Do you now what a comedy is?
Cassidy: No.
Ben: Do you know what a comedian is?
Cassidy: Nope.
Ben: A comedian is somebody who does funny things or says funny stuff and makes you laugh.
Cassidy: YOU!!! *points to Ben*
Me: *chokes on my Vodka tonic from laughing*
Cassidy: *laughs at herself even though she has no idea why she’s so funny*
Ben: So what do you think comedy means?
Cassidy: I don’t know! *laughs*
Ben: Well if your mother had been able to maintain her COMPOSURE you might have had a better chance of figuring it out…
Me: *looks cute*

And I can’t help it! Because, Ben!! YOU ARE FUNNY. And funny = comedian and when she pointed it out that way so innocently and with such matter-of-factness I had no CHOICE but to laugh!!

And I was only going to write about the comedian comment but you seemed kinda disappointed that I didn’t mention to the internet that you were abducted by aliens out of our bed one night. That’s what you should have talked about last time the camera was on you. 😉

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