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I’m selling both of our Sidekick 2’s since we both love the 8525’s. BOTH for $150. Not $150 EACH, but both phones, with chargers, ear pieces, two extra set’s of bumpers, four cases, all books that came with them and in the original boxes for $150.

Every other Sidekick2 for sell on Craigslist is going for $150 or more for ONE phone. In the ad I make it VERY CLEAR that you get both phones and all the accessories we have for $150.

Other SK’s are selling for the same price for ONE. So you are basically getting two for the price of one!

I’ve had probably 50 email’s since I placed the ad on Saturday evening around 9:00PM and 10 of them have read:

Im interested in your sidekick deal. Is $150 a firm price, or is there any room for price negotiation.

Yes it’s firm you cheap bastard! You are getting an entire phone with all the accessories for FREE. You can turn around and sell it on Craigslist and make ALL YOUR MONEY BACK. GAH!

Then there’s:

hello, i’m intrested in the sidekick if you still have please email me with info of when n where to pick up..oh if sim card is included in the price…

Why would I enclude the SIM card? I’m not giving you a phone for free AND paying for your phone service also.

I’m intersted. I havve 140 cash for both. Will pick up asap

$140. Hmmm.. Wow, that’s a really great deal for me! Come pick them up ASAP!! It’s really too bad you can’t see me right now because the extreme to which I just rolled my eye’s is something you can only truly appreciate in person. It’s almost magical.

hello my name is kyle and i am interested in ur 2 sidekick phones but my question is what plan are they cause me and my bro have Cingular and we would like 2 know if we could buy the phones and switch the sim cards. Is that possible? Or do u have 2 have a T-moble plan?

I am selling them, I am not your personal advisor. Generally when you buy something you do research first. When Ben and I were looking at the 8525’s I researched them. I found out that you can use them with T-Mobile but you have to get the more expensive TyTn version for almost $800 and then pay to have it unlocked. I found all of this out on my own using google then I called T-Mobile to verify what I had found.

can you give me your number also your address please?

*bangs head against wall*

I did respond to the one person who managed to write a coherent email and he’s flaked for the last three days. Apparently he can’t drive right now and after first wanting to meet in a public place, called back to ask if I could go to his house instead. Let’s see. I’m giving you a phone for free, and you want me to DRIVE TO YOU, to your HOUSE where you can kill me and chop me into 14,000 tiny pieces and feed me to your goldfish? Um, thanks for the offer but HELL NO.

So… do YOU want the SK2’s? I offered them on NorCal for $100 and I’m extending the same offer to people here at Aflux. If you (or somebody you know) wants the phones I’ll sell them BOTH with all accessories for $100 + shipping whatever that is (if I have serious interest I’ll go to the post office and have them weighed).

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  1. As I already tackled you via post response, private message, aim and e-mail, I might as well do it here:

    I want them! I can pay via e-check today or instant transfer on Friday. I’m willing to pay the original $150 + shipping.

  2. I think I have it fixed. Had to DL the latest version of the comment subscription plugin. My blog is in some serious need of some TLC. I’ll add it to the list SOMEWHERE. Thanks for the heads up!!

    And you are gonna LOOOOVE the phones!!

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