I have some pics up of the before/after of Cassidy’s room. I realized looking at the pictures that it looks like the entire IKEA childrens department has thrown up in there. heh I let her pick out ALL of it on her own and I think she did a pretty dang good job. 🙂

These before pictures make the OCD side of me physically shudder in pain. I had avoided going in her room pretty much alltogether but I could just not take it anymore (the first person who tells me I’m turning into my mother will get virtually bitch slapped):

From the doorway looking in:

Before - *shudder*

Standing by the bed against the far wall looking out:

Before - looking towards door.

AFTER!! So. Much. Better. And so worth the work. 🙂

Looking in from just inside the door:

After -  looking in

Standing against the far wall looking out (I moved the bed away from the window to let more light in and I think it makes the room look deeper):

After - towards door

The bookshelf. This picture makes my OCD happy:

After - bookshelf

Lastly, what the hell ARE THESE?! She LOVES them and they are pretty dang annoying but still cute. They came from McDoanlds but I think I’ve seen them full size somewhere…

What the heck are these?

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