Super Secret Stuff.

AKA: Operation SSS. Tonight I’m installing a mod that will allow me to limit who can see certain posts to registered members who I’ve allowed access. I’ve wrestled with this decision for a long time. The one thing I don’t want, is to ever have to censor myself here but because some people still check the site even though they should have stopped caring about what I have to say MONTHS ago, I’ve decided it’s time.

I don’t want some of the things I discuss here to EVER be used as ammunition against myself or Ben or Cassidy or anybody else I love and the only way I can ensure that is to keep some of the stuff I need to rant/vent/GET THE FUCK OUT out of the public eye. For now at least.

I’m going to pretty much approve anybody who registers EXCEPT the petty morons that I’m trying to keep out so go ahead and register and I’ll get around to approving people ASAP. You only have to do it once, choose the option to stay logged in and you’ll be set. Only posts where I talk about certain topics will be hidden, but for the most part I’ll continue to blog publicly like I always have.

It sucks I have to do this, it really does. But I don’t need people perpetuating drama that I let go of awhile ago and I have other things to focus on right now like my wedding (OMG I’M GETTING MARRIED) and not killing anybody before the PMS completely subsides.

2 thoughts on “Super Secret Stuff.

  1. i registered a long long time ago… hmm i feel like i should be singing haha. i cant wait to hear all about the wedding planning. I need some way that you can read all my blogs on my myspace. i keep them all private cause of my ex BLAHHHH

  2. That sucks that you have to go to that extreme….
    Geez people if you want to know about Anna just ASK!!!!

    Good luck Anna hopefully those lurkers will keep away!!

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