Beware: Girl talk ahead.

So maybe giving up coffee wasn’t the best idea when I’m in the midst of the worst PMS I can remember having since that time I was 15 and called my mom a bitch for doing my laundry for me. HOW DARE SHE happen to be washing the shirt I wanted to wear RIGHT THEN!? Like, my entire social life depended on that shirt being clean and on me and baring just enough stomach to be “daring” but not enough to be “whore” and what if the guy of my dreams didn’t see me in THAT SHIRT which I just KNEW was going to be the shirt that made him fall in love with me so we could grow up and get married and have babies and my last name would look so cute if I dotted the ‘i’ with a heart like I’d practiced ALL DAY LONG when you COULD have been washing my shirt and now my LIFE IS OVER AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!!! *door slam*

Yeah, it’s been that bad this week. Yesterday my uterus started contracting with enough force to have pushed out an entire herd of cattle. And a matching farmer. I haven’t given in though. I’ve gone 5 entire days without a single sip of coffee and somehow at the end of this five days, Ben still want’s to marry me. THAT’S an amazing man right there, folks. Simply amazing.

The other night I was looking through some wedding magazines and I told Ben that I’d like to have either a very simple Asian theme or a beach theme (think Polynesian). At the end of the conversation he mentioned that he thought the best idea was to go with a theme that was “us”. Something that symbolized the type of people we are and the kind of relationship we have and that as long as whatever we decided to do managed to do that, he’d be happy.

Last night I had a dream that we gave away whoopi cushions and miniature M3’s as favors and the cake was shaped like a giant, well… it was phallic. heh Because that’s US. We laugh at eachother all the time. WITH eachother too but lets be honest here… I do a lot of crazy stuff and Ben is lucky enough to get to sit back and laugh at me. A lot. But he makes me laugh too. A lot. So, I want to have the nice, beautiful wedding but it’s important to me that it be FUN too. I want our guests to laugh. A lot. I’d prefer they NOT be laughing AT me however so any suggestions you have are welcome. Any fun weddings you’ve been to before that incorporate something funny and memorable??

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  1. I have a bazillion ideas from our wedding last May. In my opinion Ben is correct in that your wedding needs to be in an image of the two of you. However, and I am sure Ben will not have a problem with this, some of the best advice that I got during the whole process was that the wedding has very little to do with the man. It is a special day for him, but the major parts of it will be for you. After going through the whole ordeal I can tell you that the one thing that people say often is that they wish they had done something as simple as Jessica and I did. We did not pay as much attention to the normal formalities as we did making sure that ourselves, and our guest were completely happy. Or wedding ended up costing us about $2500. That is including $900 for our rings and $700 for her dress. Looking back it is amazing that we fed 150 people and decorated for $900. If you would like to see the pictures of the wedding, or like any tips for what we did, I would be more then happy to share them. Somethings that were right for us my not be right for you guys, but some of it may stick. For right now check out the puzzlering site. This is the types of rings we went with. I know they are kind of odd, but in my opinion they are beautiful and they always attract attention. Also it gives my ADD self something to play with.

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