We made it! We got into Maui around 5:00 our time and to the condo at about 6:30 because the upgrade at Hertz had to be inspected before we could drive it off the lot. We were supposed to get a V6 convertible Stang but ended driving off in a Shelby Cobra. We’ve managed to piss off at least three women so far who had to listen to men tell us how lucky we are to have such a BAD ASS CAR. 😉 We will probably return it today for the vert though after the road to Hana drive. We both thought that drive would be more fun in a car with balls. After dinner we hung out with Sil and Irina for a bit who are here too then went for a late night walk on the beach. I wanted to feel sand on my toes and soak in the sound of the ocean. So far Maui has exceeded my expectation 1000. And now we are off to Hana!

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