Packing theory:

So I have a theory that you actually pack less but only what you NEED if you wait till the last second. See, if you start packing a week in advance then by the time you leave you’ve packed every single item you thought of over the course of a week and have 6 suitcases and 2 carry on’s. Like Windex. You all thought I was kidding when I mentioned that before didn’t you!! Well, I wasn’t. I want to take Windex to Maui. Windex cleans everything. And I know Ben and I know me and I KNOW that by the end of nine days, the house keeper is going to walk in and cry.

Off topic, but do the house keepers have to do the dishes?! If so, I might move in and never leave. There is going to be housekeeping right? Even though it’s more condo than hotel. They HAVE hotel rooms… but we’ll be in a condo.

Maybe I should pack the vaccuum cleaner too…

Where was I? Oh yes! If you wait till the day before and you have to be kind of rushed, I think you end up grabbing those things that are most important to you and just SOME of the things you thought about for the previous week. Important things like the cell phone and camera chargers. And Lexapro.

This has worked for me over and over and over again so I’m sticking to it. I’ve never done this for a 9 day trip before though so we’ll see…

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