My comedians.

Yesterday talking about airport security on the phone:

Me: Well, I want to take some makeup on the plain with me but Sandra said they threatened to take ALL her makeup and THROW IT AWAY. So she told them, “Go ahead and take it and see what happens.” HA! I love that snatch. She’s totally lucky they even LET her on the plane after that! Anyway, they can’t take my makeup. They just can’t.
Ben: I thought you said anything under an ounce is okay. Just don’t take LIQUIDS.
Me: Yeah… so I guess the plutonium has to go in my suitcase?
Ben: Yeah, the makeup and the plutonium. Did you hear that NSA? We are taking plutonium on the plane to Maui on Saturday.
Me: TeeHee

After work I had to take my mom to pick up her car which is FINALLY finished after being rear ended so since I was on that side of town Ben suggested we go eat at this Greek place he found and has been RAVING about and has taken everybody EXCEPT ME to eat at. So, on the way through the lobby he stopped and ducked behind Christine’s desk. Christine is the adorable little lady that works the front desk at nVidia that always gives Cassidy chips and fruit and Snapple. She also has connections at a flower shop and Ben has gotten flowers from her in the past for Mother’s Day, Valentines, etc.

Me: What were you talking to Christine about?
Ben: I was checking something on her computer. She was having problems earlier.
Me: Yeah right.
Ben: Seriously!
Me: You are SUCH a BAD LIAR! She’d have called IT, not YOU.
Ben: *laugh*
Ben: So turn left here and go to Scott and turn left.
Ben: *grin*

While we were eating:

Ben: No really, Valentines is coming up and that’s why I was talking to Christine. That’s all I’m going to tell you.
Me: You are a bad liar.
Ben: I’m serious!
Me: Okay. I want tulips this year.
Cassidy: You already have two lips! One on top and one on bottom!

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