So, here’s the thing… This theme has a long way to go. Having it finished, cleaning the house, getting myself and Cassidy packed for 9 days and work are not all going to happen. Something needs to be pushed to the back burner and since those other things are things I CAN’T push back the site it is.

I have things I need to fix. I haven’t even TOUCHED the menu. I have something pretty planned. The comment form is HORRID. But I wanted to just throw it up here to take advantage of some of the features I took the time to incorporate so I ganked the code from my last theme, altered it a bit and pasted it in there. I have something pretty planned for it too. The blog titles are… *shudder* AND there’s so much more but *shrug*, it is what it is. For now at least. Till it’s something better. Which it will be once we get back. Or later.

I don’t know if I’ll be posting before I leave but I will be posting pics from the camera phone and updating flickr so check them often. And keep an eye on “follow me” to see what we have going on. Love you all and I’ll catch ya on the flip side. 🙂

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