Making a list…

I did the first of my real Christmas shopping last night. I know, I’m a total procrastinator. I do this every year and every year I say I’m never going to do this again. *shrug* I only have to get one more thing for Cameron, some Build A Bear stuff for Cassidy (which is at the mall, which took 25 minutes to find a place to park 2 WEEKS ago, which every person within 50 miles of San Jose goes to to shop, which is ugh), some things for Ben (HA! vague), and my mom. My mom is SO. HARD. To. SHOP. FOR.

I already know what I’m getting from Ben. The Cingular 8525 (Also, know as the TyTn). *drool* I could make hot passionate love to this phone. Windows mobile (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), BlueTooth, 2.0 Megapixel camera, touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard, NAVIGATION! The list is so long. Now, if Cingular would just GET SOME IN STOCK! *shakes fist at them*

Since I’ve had a few people ask, I wanted to compile a little wiSh list for Christmas. So here ya gO! These are just examples by the way, if you find something and think WOW ANNA!! Get it! I know I’ll love it. 🙂

From Think Geek:

T-shirt ^–^:

Geek Tags:

Carnivorous Desk Plant:

From Target:

Of course gift cards from any place is welcome. Target, Kohls, IKEA(!), MAC(!), Think Geek or any of them. 🙂

Oh yeah, and if somebody wanted to buy me these I’d be okay with that too. :mrgreen:

Round diamond solitaire.

And maybe this Tiffany’s bracelette and necklace set:

TeeHee. Dream big right?! 😉

6 thoughts on “Making a list…

  1. Good luck Christmas shopping. I was (pleasantly) surprised at how quickly I got mine done this year. Anyway, your list is great. I’m in love with those geek tags!

  2. uhhh I christmas shopped for everyone else.. but the immediate. Whoops. Time to get the gears turning in my head.

    Congrats on the phone. If I could have any phone, that’s the one 🙂

  3. But you just got the SK3! That’s a hot phone too. I already kinda miss the simplicity of the SK, this is more ‘advanced’. You have to really navigate whereas the SK was pretty much ‘point and click’. Or something.

    I haven’t taken a vanity shot yet! I’ll have to get on that… 😉

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