I like t-shirts.

How did I not know about this site till now?! I love t-shirts. I LIVE in them. 80% of my closet is screen print tee’s in various shades of color and a many different degrees of humor. From my favorite Star Wars tee with the a big Empire logo to my ‘I’m Blogging This’ tee, I just love them all. I’m extatic that they are making such a big comeback because it means when I wear my ‘video games make me do bad things’ tee out I don’t get QUITE as many disapproving looks from parents. (But every time I do I’m SO TEMPTED to tell them that CASSIDY is the one that gave it to me for Christmas. hehe)

So on the way to work today I heard about Threadless Tee’s and I want them ALL! What makes these so great is that all of them are designed by members of the threadless community. Members can submit as many designs as they like and they are added to a voting que. The rest of the memebers on the site then get to vote on them and the big wigs look at the top 300 designs every couple of weeks and pick a top 10 to print. If your design gets choosen you get $2000 and people all over the country sporting your artwork!

I spent my entire lunch break voting on shirts. heh Ones like this that I’d TOTALLY WEAR so you should go vote on it.

They don’t have a wishlist feature but that’s only because they print a limited number of shirts so they sell out pretty quick. But at $10** a pop, there’s really no reason not to buy them as you come across the one’s you like. One’s I plan to buy very very soon:

Bleeding Heart:
(this one is aligned down the left side of the shirt, duh!)


Dark Side of the Garden:

And there are SO MANY MORE. Must resist the cuteness. MUST! RESIST!!

**Edit – Looking now, the $10 price is a holiday sale. I think they go up to $20 once it’s over… So get them now while they are cheap!! :mrgreen:\
**Edit #2 – No this is not a paid post. I can’t stand blog advertisements like Paid Per Post and the such (won’t even link the site here). I ACTUALLY heard about this on the radio on the way to work and researched it and thought it was so cool that I’d blog about it. Sheesh!
**Edit #3 – Funny. Today Heather of dooce.com has on the MEAT IS MURDER. Tasty, tasty Murder. shirt in her daily picture. DOOCE! So that means the site’s coolness factor just went up by about 17,000 points. How come nobody was sharing this t-shirt love with ME?!?!

8 thoughts on “I like t-shirts.

  1. The sale is crazy.. I recently received the Pandamonium shirt.. really good quality on the shirts they use and the screening. My brother turned me onto this site a year ago, and now and then they’ll have these 1-day $10 sales.. this has been the longest running $10 sale yet, it’s been pretty crazy! You can join the monthly club and you get something special every month other people don’t get 😉

  2. I’d love to join the shirt of the month club but $120 is a little too stiff right now before the holidays. Maybe after…

    And another site you kept secret!!! Julie!! No more secrets!!!! :mrgreen:

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