Hug your mom.

Drivers Side Rear

Last night my mom was about 30 miles north of Sacramento at about 6:00PM traveling south to come home when traffic stopped. SHE stopped but unfortunately, the guy in the Chevy truck behind her did not. It was an old Chevy truck. The kind that are made with steel forged from a mountain of Gods. The kind that can hit a car that’s rolling at about 5-10 MPH at almost full freeway speed and drive away practically unscathed. So, a tank.

He swerved last minute to miss my mom and took out her drivers side rearend, pushing her into the car in front of her, and finally coming to a stop about 4-5 car lengths in front of her on the left shoulder. Thank God he had the presence of mind to swerve. Had he hit her full force at that speed, she’d probably be seriously injured.

AAA towed her the 130 miles back to San Jose and I met them at the Ford dealership to drive her home. She tried to convince me she’d just call a cab!! AS IF! She seemed okay. A little shook up, still pretty much in shock, but okay. I tried to convince her to let me take her to the hospital to get checked out but she said she just wanted to go home. BUT! She promised me that as soon as she had a rental car today she’d drive over to Kaiser.

As soon as I got her first call after the accident, I completely lost my appetite. Part of the reason I insisted on going to pick her up was because I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat or sleep till I knew she was okay. As soon as I got out of the car I walked up to her and gave her a big, long hug. It scared me. It was one of those reminders to hug your mom more often.

When I called this morning she said her shoulder is a little sore and she has a headache but she’s promised me that Kaiser trip again as soon as she gets her rental car.

I ended up grabbing some McDonalds after I dropped her off and ate it at around midnight. BIG MISTAKE. My belly is pissed. So now I’m off to consume obscene amounts of coffee to try to stay awake for the next 6 hours…

All pics: here.

10 thoughts on “Hug your mom.

  1. ew christ, I have an Escape *immediately buys giant steel-dipped 70’s pickup as well*

    You know I come here like nonstop but I never comment. I suck! I always read your posts and think damnnit.. I remember when I used to be interesting, too. LOL.

  2. Im so glad your mom is ok, and she definatly needs to get checked out, you should have made her go last night. but i totally understand just wanting to go to bed.

  3. [Comment ID #14902 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hahah I visit your site at least once a day too. I miiiiiis you. I’d tell you to start posting more but I clearly have NO ROOM to talk. 😉

  4. [Comment ID #14903 Will Be Quoted Here]

    My mom’s picture in in the dictionary when you look up “stubborn”. She refuses to go still. She called the doctor at least and I have my little brother on Mom Patrol. heh

  5. Hey anna, I hope your mom is doing ok and not hurting too much, I am off to the land of BAKO for thanksgiving whoo hoo! Hope you Ben and Cassidy have a great thanksgiving!

  6. hehehe

    Have fun in Bako, Traci! The good thing is that the weather there will be nice right now and the cold air always seems to push out the bad air. To me, anyway. That’s not scientific at all!

    I’m not sure why the gravtars are having issues. Some of them work some of the time. It seems like the gravatar servers have been down a lot lately so you might have hit it at a time when they were. One of the steps for the new theme (that I will someday finish I swear) is to see if maybe they have a new script.

    Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to you too!! 🙂

  7. Wow, that is scary. I never think of my parents getting in wrecks, I am always afraid that I will. Thank goodness she is OK, and yes, I should hug my Mom more often!

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