This theme is back up temporarily till I can get the redesign finished. I actually didn’t work on if for almost a week straight. 🙁 I’m back at it now though and hopefully I’ll have it up before Friday when I leave for B-Town. This sucks. Because now I can’t give Julie flack for being a slacker. :mrgreen:

8 thoughts on “Temp!

  1. Dinner! Yes! Us girls!! Suggestions for places?

    I was thinking Friday around 7:30 – 8:00. It depends on how traffic is on my way down. So far you and Julie are in. I need to give Lisa a call tonight…

  2. cute site, i cant wait til u get it up and running, wish i knew how to make a wp theme..id quit gettin these free ones lol.oh well ill be back 🙂

  3. Yeah.. wherever is good. Maybe you should get something you can’t in fancytown. LIKE BASQUE. OR … *shrug* 😉

    I need to make arragenements with my bro for the boys.

  4. *chants*

    Frugatti’s! Frugatti’s! Frugatti’s!

    I want to have Basque but to me that’s more lunch-ish. And I’m totally addicted to that damn Death Calzone. Plus! It’s close to home for you!


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