I need some time to decompress from the last few months.

Tomorrow is the Halloween party. Sandra is bringing mummy mojito mix! FTW!! Sunday Cassidy and I will do the farmers market and hopefully some brunch with the female parental unit. I never thought I’d be saying this out loud but I miss my mommy… Then next weekend I’ll be in BakersHell but that’s okay because I’ve already suckered Julie into dinner on Friday night. Now I just have to convince Kristen and Lisa. *bats eyelashes* Then the rest of that weekend will be spent sucking in as much Carrielee and Amber time as possible. I miss my Carrielee. A lot. Lots and lots and lots and lots.

Oh yeah, tomorrow Ben is going to buy a Range Rover and a car trailor so he can start towing his M3 to the track. Long overdue. I’m stoked for him. Then in two weekends we’ll be at Thunderhill with the track car for the first time since the motor rebuild. Ben will be BACK AT THE TRACK. And all will be well with the world. 🙂

The theme is coming along very well. I hadn’t planned on having to use SO much PHP. But it’s been fun. And challenging. And it’s starting to finally take shape and I’m REALLY liking it. It won’t be November 1st but hopefully not long after. I’ll throw somethng temp up here in the mean time because the pink is so… PINK! But it’s for a good cause and I’m going to see it through.

2 thoughts on “Reconnecting.

  1. you know i really need to go to bakersfield. i NEED to get my hair cut so bad. The salon I love is up there. Luxe or lux i forget what its called exactly. i just know the girls there are awesome (my cousin better ask one to marry him haha) and its next to walmart- i think. lol im starting to learn my way around that place

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