Flu = Pwned

I just got a flu shot. And I don’t have TB. I guess this is one of the “perks” of working at a Major Medical University. Yearly TB tests and flu shots even though I don’t ever see patients.

I’m not sure how smart it was of me to get the flu shot since I’ve been on a steady supply of headache killing medicine for four days and I can hardly breathe out of my nose. *shakes fist at germs*

Oh well, assume if I don’t post in the next four days or so that it was a really bad idea. heh

3 thoughts on “Flu = Pwned

  1. I’ve never ever had a flu shot. This year they suggested Sydney get one cause she’s a child and I contemplated going to get one right along with her but decided I was too big of a wimp to get sick yet. I’ll regret that later.

  2. Well, they hurt. Like, you don’t even feel the stupid thing going in but my arm ashed for TWO DAYS after I had it done.

    *shakes fist at stupid nurse*

  3. Oh my arm hurts for about a week after. my mom said thats just the way it works. and you know your body is absorbing it.

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