Because I have no self respect

Note: I originally wrote this MONTHS ago and it didn’t work but the newer version or WP seems to allow it so, YAY! Also, I went on to lose 8 more pounds after I wrote this. Then over the course of 6-7 months got really lazy and gained it all back. 🙁 Ben and I are on the road to getting rid of it AGAIN and I’m -2 pounds from my oroginal starting goal a year ago. *cries*

Not too long ago I posted this picture at flickr and promised video of Cassidy owning me on the obstacle course. After I SAW the video and my gut roll at the end I had a small gigantic moment of OMFG HIDE THE VIDEO AND NEVER LET IT BE SEEN! Now that I’ve dropped 10 pounds(!!) though and I’m feeling better I figured, what the hell. Because really, it’s the fact that a seven year old beat me through a 50 foot long obstacle course that I should be ashamed of.

P.S. – How cool is the embeded video into blogs so easily now?!?

1 thought on “Because I have no self respect

  1. ugh I love those “HEY FATASS” moments I have.. the first was when I worked at the shelter. Someone snapped a pic of me washing a St Bernard, and when they developed them, I was like.. wow.. thats some sadness. I weigh as much as the dog, and carry it far less fabulously. So I dropped the weight.

    Fast forward to now, after a too comfy 3 years with Sean, I’m a chub again. SO I’m using a HORRIBLE “before” photo I took as motivation.

    Yet as I type this? I want pizza.. that very thing you can’t stand? I want all the time. ALL the time.

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