Dear American Citizens,

Please stop shooting our children. Please stop walking into schools (the ONE place our kids should be allowed to roam and learn and grow without being scared and paranoid) and molesting, terrorizing and shooting our FUTURE.

10/02/2006: At least six killed in Amish school shooting

Three girls, all critical with gunshot wounds and ages 6 through 12, were admitted to Lancaster General Hospital, spokesman John Lines told NBC affiliate WGAL-TV.

When you walk into a classroom and shoot a SIX YEAR OLD, you are not allowed to take your own life. You aren’t allowed to take the cowards way out. How dare you.

On Friday (09/29/2006), a 15-year-old student fatally wounded his school’s principal in western Wisconsin. A drifter in Colorado Wednesday (09/27/2006) took six female high school students hostage, molested them and then shot one to death and killed himself as police closed in.

How is it that we let people walk around who are so unstable that walking into a school and killing innocent children has happened TWICE in less than a week? How do students get so infuriated or frustrated that the answer becomes walking into a school and shooting the principal?

This is our future, OUR FUTURE. How do we go about saving everybody else in the World when our own house is in such a state of disarray?

I’m not even sure what to say about this. Seven children in less than a week. Seven families. Seven moms with broken hearts and who’s CHILDREN have been stolen from them. Seven children who had all the potential in the World to grow into flourishing and productive members of society… Seven kids who could have been my own.

I’m not which emotions is stronger. Sadness by the pain so many people are going through right now? Anger at the assholes who felt the need to kill innocent children? Fear of sending my daughter to school and assuming she’s okay and the future that seems to be unfolding before her…

3 thoughts on “Dear American Citizens,

  1. Its Bad, On friday I was at the school my cousin teaches at in Maricopa and they had it on Lockdown cause 3 students had made hit lists of the students and teacher they wanted to kill the first list they had had 8 students names and one teacher the second list they found had 22 names with explisit details. it was bad and we were all in shock with news media running around this small town. all over the bakersfield news and even on MSNBC.

  2. Yeah, I’m looking into size 8 flack jackets in pink. The more I think/read about this the more depressing it is.

    Innocent kids… 🙁

  3. I’m having a really tough time with all of this. I grew up in Lancaster and York, PA (york is the next county over). In 2003, some kid shot my junior high principal then himself, now less than 30 minutes from there there has been another shooting in one of the most innocent communities in the world. I can only imagine how everyone in the town is feeling having faced the same tragedy they faced only 3 years ok.

    On top of that, I now live less than an hour from where Columbine and the most recent Colorado school shooting happened. It’s just bizarre.

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