The Princess had a party.

I’m exhausted. We had seven kids to Chuck E Cheeses for Cassidy’s birthday party Saturday. Afterwards, The fejj brought over his girls to play and Cassidy had choosen two girls to spend the night so at one point I had 5 girls running through the house playing hide and go seek. It was hysterical. I got them to settle down by turning on Mario Kart. FTW!

They all left today at noon after a pancake breakfast and mini golf and slurpees. I fell asleep not long after on the couch because GOOD LORD THE ENERGY OF 8 YEAR OLD GIRLS! I’m too tired to even be funny. So, I’ll leave that for another day…

Her actual birthday is Wednesday so we’ll do a her dinner. We always do dinners on the acutal Big Day with the birthday boy/girl getting to choose the place. This has become a little tradition since we moved to San Jose. Hopefully she doesn’t pick The Cheese again. *crosses fingers*

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