Aflux is Pink For October.

I mentioned in a previous blog that aflux would be going pink for October. Normally at this time of year I’m making cute little Halloween layouts (2005, 2004), but this year I felt I need to join this group.

Cancer, all different kinds, has touched my life in so many ways. Two grandparents, one of my best friends, two weeks ago my step-sisters father… all of them were taken by cancer. Recently I became friends at work with a breast cancer survivor. She’s never really gone into great detail about the fight and I’ve never really asked. I know from people that I’ve been close to that it’s something that you can’t really put into words and make somebody else understand. And after taking care of Ada while she fought every minute, of every hour or every day to stop time, to make it to the next meal, the next dose of medication, the next DAY… I don’t have to be told. I’ve never had cancer, but I know. I know the struggle because even though I didn’t HAVE it, I LIVED it for 12 hours a day, six days a week for three years. I was there the day it started, and I was there at the very last moments, when the pain stopped, and the life slipped away. I was there for all of it.

If ONE woman comes across one of the site’s that have gone pink and goes out to get a mammogram then it’s worth it. If ONE mom, daughter, sister, aunt is saved then it’s worth it. Early detection is a ticket to longer life.

For more information on National Breast Cancer Month, visit the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

5 thoughts on “Aflux is Pink For October.

  1. Hey Anna I love the new layout. Question for you, what hotel is it that you and Ben stay at in pismo? I am here right now hehe I love it here. though we are staying at a rv resort Pismo Coast Village. but we need a nice place for family to stay while here, we all have never stayed in a hotel here cause my grandma had a mobile home here (before she passed away) and every other time we have camped.

  2. We usually stay at the Sea Venture:

    It’s a fantastic place but can be a bit pricey. Any of the hotels along the strip (Pacific Coast HWY/Dolliver) or Shell Beach Road are nice.

    And I’m jelaous! Ben and I haven’t been in a few months!! Make sure you hit up The Splash cafe by the peir for some Clam Chower for me!!! 😀

  3. That place is beautiful, I will have to tell my uncle up in Lakeport about it~ They have to stay in a hotel until they buy a RV. Oh we have been to the splash cafe it was yummy- though i didnt eat any clam chowder 🙁 Im allergic to shellfish so i can only dig for them LOL. the rv resort we stay at is off of Dolliver it is nice and just a couple blocks from Pomeroy Ave! (thats my last name HAHA)

  4. I’m working on getting something pink up. I’m glad you’re doing this! Cancer, of any sort, is a very very real thing. My daycare lady (Trey and Max’s third grandma practically) also had breast cancer. Infact, she had to start her chemo and have one breast removed shortly after Trey started… It wasn’t until after I went through my Dad’s illness last year that I realized how serious even HER diagnosis was (she doesn’t complain about anything).

  5. EW ahaha I love you and I definately understand the plight of the cancer patient (aunt survived.. grandmother, childhood buddy, and uncle did not).. but being my typical obnoxious self I have to point out that both the American Breast Cancer Society and the Susan G Komen fund animal testing.. which is why I don’t support their charities.. though the UK society does not.

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