Sweet Love.

Sweet. Sweet. Love.

I was reading Dasbecca at work today and she was talking about getting the XTi. YESTERDAY they were still showing as preorder on Amazon’s website and the ship date was showing as October 2nd. Then! Becca said that she had called Best Buy and they had them IN STOCK! WHAT?! In stock?!

I immediately called Ben and told him, “This girl Becca, who’s blog I read! Well, she said that Best Buy has the XTi and on Amazon they show them IN STOCK AND OMG I WANT ONE CAN I HAVE ONE RIGHT NOW TODAY BEFORE TOMORROW?!” I think Ben hates it when I start sentences with ‘that one girl who’s blog I read’ because it’s usually followed by girl stuff he thinks that no man ever needs to know about. I think this time though the shrill, excited, almost insane tone I was talking in made him listen.

So, this was my second birthday gift. I already knew I was getting it but since they weren’t supposed to release till October I had resigned myself to waiting. But instead! Ben when to a local camera shop and got me the camera, a common lense to get started, a UV filter (more to protect the lense than UV) and a 4GB flash card. I was supposed to meet him at the camera store but took the route that shouldn’t have a lot of traffic but did and he had all this purchased, bagged and waiting outside the shop when I got there.

This thing is a BEAST. It has so many setting and color modes and bells and whistles that reading just the BASIC camera settings had my head spinning. As the days go on, I’m going to study the book and play with settings. I plan on knowing this camera very very well. I have dreamed about owning a camera this nice for a long, long, long time.

SO! Enough already!

The very first shot taken. I know now why the flash is really the one thing that people complain about. Need to start learning to play with ISO settings:


A shot of Cassidy who is very worried that Marty and Doc might not get the train up tp speed before the end of the tracks and becoming a little annoyed at the camera in her face:
My favorite.

So, the shots aren’t great. But I’m so scared of DROPPING it and constantly trying new settings. Once I get comfortable with it I plan hope that my shots improve.

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