I make one of these posts every year. 25, 26, 27 and now 28. For some reason this year the whole “getting older” thing didn’t really seem to bug me. When I was 26 I remember I had a bit of a mini nervous breakdown that involved anti-depressants, lots of chocolate and days of calculating out how many more days I had left to live if I reached the average female lifespan. Goor lord I was a mess!!

This year… meh. I’m older. I take more naps and I’ve begun to realize that parts of my body are never going to be 18 again. But that’s okay. I’ve made lasting friendships that I’ve grow to appreciate more and more. I’ve gotten a grown up job (even of I DO work with a bunch of people who can spend half a day freaking out over WHO THREW AWAY THE CHEESECAKE). I get to see Cassidy learn and discover something new every day. I’ve started to REALLY appreciate the little things in life. A night spent on the couch cuddled up with Ben. The days Cassidy want’s to hang out with ME after school rather than the neighborhood kids. I day spent laughing and shopping with one of the girls.

Last night I spent an evening laughing and having an awsome time with an amazing group of friends. And I’m pretty certain that even if I hadn’t had the beer and the shots it still would have been that much fun!!! A had decided early on in the night to make a funny face anytime that Jason pointed the camera at me. I ALMOST succeeded!

Ben REALLY spoiled me this year. He bought me things that took a lot of work, thought and love. More important than the awsome suspension and the dream camera was the thought. The act. The selflessness. He sacraficed things that he’s wanted for a long time. And things he really needed so that I could have things that I wanted. And he did this all on his own, just for me. That act of kindness and selfless love was the single best birthday gift I’ve ever gotten. Thank you, Ben, for the best gift ever.

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