Ground Control.

I’m very proud of how often I’ve been updating Cassidy’s Vox. When I had WP set up on her domain I was never motivated to get over there and post anything. But the community atmosphere there at Vox is great. MySpace can BURN! BURN I say!

So, yeah. I know I haven’t been updating MY Vox or here at aflux but I had some silly drama going on in the real life and I knew no matter how hard I tried to keep it out of a post, it was bound to creep in. Knowing my tendency to be able to completely piss people off in 15 seconds or less I figured I’d just keep my trap shut. heh.

But it’s over now and all is swell and BEN GOT ME SUSPENSION FOR MY CAR!!

Story in short form:

We got some BBS wheels because they were a good deal. At the time we bought them we hadn’t yet decided to put them on his M3 or mine. So, I put his SSR’s on my car but they really didn’t look that good. They look HAWT on his blue car, not so much on my white one. So we figured, my car FTW.

THEN! Ben told me I’d have to have my fenders rolled for the new wheels to fit. And I’m blond. When we went to put his SSR’s on my car he was like, “Oh, your back’s are already rolled.” Me, “MmmHmm yeah, shut up and put the pretty wheels on my car!” THEN! I MYSELF tool the SSR’s off the car and put my stock wheels back on Monday and didn’t even PAY ATTENTION. BLOND!

So yesterday I took the GTI to work and he took my car to the shop because it’s pretty close to his work. When he got home this was the my 5 second inner dialogue:

OH! Pretty, pretty, pretty wheels! And LOOK! He got me a stud kit too! And the car looks…. lower? No, the wheels must have a MASSIVE sidewall, No the car is lower… OMG OMG OMG OMG HE PUT SUSPENSION ON MY CAR OMG OMG OMG !!!

It was an early birthday gift and the best gift EVER!! I think that by the time I got to work I had a nice pool of drool on my seat. It rides SO WELL. Good lord the way the car corners now is like… *swoon* It’s a bit bumpy, obviously, but the handling makes me forget about it in quick fashion.

So it’s official, my boyfriend is totally better than yours! ;P Really though, I have to say a MASSIVE HUGE thank you to Ben. This was WAY more than I expected for my birthday and the thought and time and SECRET YOU KEPT FROM ME BUT TOLD EVERYBODY ELSE… was amazing. (k)

Ground Control

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