M3 Updates.

That motor is no longer on the stand and has made it into the engine bay of Ben’s M3. I can’t really explain just how wonderful it is to see a motor in that car. Just. So. Wonderful. The downhill leg of the race has begun.

The current state of things.

We put his old 18″ SSR’s on my car. What do you think? Too bling? I’m thinking about taking the center caps off to make them more “sporty” looking. Also, will Photoshop the car sitting lower like it would with suspension. That’s the only downfall to these wheels I think, because the sidewall is so small, the gap from wheel to fender is a tad too big really large.


And to end the post with silly cutness…

Pirate girl.

P.S. – I’ve redirected cassidystacy.com to her Vox account since I actually seem to be updating it there. Vox is fun. Death to MySpace.

2 thoughts on “M3 Updates.

  1. I like those rims on your car take a picture of them with the center caps off too then decide, though i think it looks nice how it is. Im jealous of you I wish i had a BMW. some day some day i will, though it will probably be a X5 hehe cause i just like suv’s better. And the little pirate looks so Cute!

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